"For every plant that was destroyed in the harvest, two must be planted to replace it"
Momaw Nadon reciting the Ithorian's 'Law of Life'[src]

The Law of Life was an Ithorian belief.

The Law said that, for every living plant destroyed in the harvest, two more must be planted in its place. However, Ithorian use of this Law went much farther than harvests: For every life, be it a plant or an animal, an Ithorian might take, during a harvest or not, two new lives were to be created in its place.

Ithorian Momaw Nadon was forced to betray Imperial officer Alima so that Alima was executed. This was completely against his beliefs. To atone his sin, Nadon stole samples of Alima's DNA and cloned him, creating two clones of Alima.

Similarly, the entity known as Spore was captured by Ithorians after centuries of struggle during which Spore killed hundreds of people. However, as Ithorians were unable to clone Spore or provide an equivalent life using any means, they could not kill Spore, but only bury it.



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