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"Try to understand, Skywalker…You made it off this sandpile. But Camie an' me are stuck here…We've got to get by as best we can!"
―Laze "Fixer" Loneozner, to Luke Skywalker[1]

Laze Loneozner, better known as Fixer, was a skilled mechanic and one of Luke Skywalker's childhood friends from Tatooine. He was the husband of Camie.



"Wanna know what Fixer and Tank called us?"
"They called us small fry. Can you believe that?""
―Windy Starkiller and Luke Skywalker[2]

The Human male Laze "Fixer" Loneozner grew up on the desolate world of Tatooine. He often passed time with his friends Luke, Biggs, Windy, Deak, and especially his girlfriend Camie.

In 6 BBY, Loneozner and Janek Sunber were old enough to drive landspeeders, and they raced in the canyon south of Ja-Mero Ridge. They flouted at Windy Starkiller and Luke Skywalker, who at that time were not old enough to join them.[2]

When Fixer had to take the qualifying test for the Imperial Academy, he walked in, filled out his name, and walked out.[3]

King of the sandsurfers[]

"That guy's crazy, but boy can he surf!"
―Biggs Darklighter[src]

Fixer working at Tosche Station.

At one point, Fixer got tired of always being beaten at Skyhopper racing and womp-rat hunting by Skywalker and Darklighter, so he created something at which he could be the best: his own sport, "sandsurfing". In the sport, a person would wear repulsor disks on their feet and grab on to a set of handles that connected to a sand skiff by a thin cord. As the skiff moved along, the "surfer" would perform all manners of flips and tricks on the countless sloping dunes and unobstructed sand of the Dune Sea. But as it turned out, Darklighter and Skywalker were also quite good at sandsurfing. When Darklighter did three double-flips in a row, even Camie was impressed, and she hung on his arm when they returned to Tosche Station later to celebrate. This pushed Fixer over the edge. The next morning they all went out to the Dune Sea where Fixer claimed he would attempt the "greatest stunt of all time." He had programmed a skiff's autopilot to drive itself.

His run started out well, with him performing loops, a half-moon, and even a double backwards loop (which no one had ever done before). After all that, his friends thought he was done, so they went to congratulate him. But then the skiff sped up and took a sharp turn, heading itself for the Great Pit of Carkoon. Unable to stop him, all his friends could do was watch. Fixer had planned the whole thing and had already prepared ramps of sand on both sides of the pit. While he hit the first ramp perfectly, he fell a half meter short of the landing and he hit the side of the pit, engulfed in an explosion of sand. Camie, tears streaming down her face, would have dived in after him had Skywalker not stopped her. Darklighter flew his skiff over to the unconscious Fixer, who was slowly sliding down to the mouth of the sarlacc. The situation got even worse when the sarlacc started probing the sand with one of its tentacles. Darklighter tied a cord around his waist and jumped down into the pit, being careful not to shift the sand and cause Fixer to slide even faster. Just as Darklighter reached him, the sarlacc's tentacle wrapped around Fixer's chest. Darklighter whipped out his vibroblade, but as he went after the tentacle, more and more tentacles went after him. Then Skywalker grabbed his punch gun and, despite the bad angle and long range, shot the tentacle that was holding his friend. Luke then took off in the skiff, pulling both his friends to safety.

Fixer suffered only a minor concussion and a broken nose—the first from the crash, the latter from Camie after he healed from the concussion. Though he was fully recovered in two weeks, he spent the next month at home, grounded for being so reckless. Biggs and Luke had no problem admitting that Fixer was indeed the king of the sandsurfers and that they couldn't duplicate his stunt, but that just didn't make Fixer feel quite as good as he'd thought it would.

Not much before Darklighter was about to leave Tatooine for the Imperial Academy, Owen Lars's Treadwell, WED-15-77 broke down. Skywalker took parts of the droid to Fixer, but he had a weeks backlog on the Tosche Station, so he couldn't begin working on the Treadwell,[4] but eventually the droid got repaired.[5]

The war comes to Tatooine[]

"Fixer and I don't have much time for politics…we're kept busy just trying to make our lives a little bit better!"
―Camie Loneozner, to Luke Skywalker[1]

Luke and Fixer reunited.

Fixer had a job at Tosche Station in Anchorhead. Since the owner, Merl Tosche, was rarely around, and neither were many customers, Fixer pretty much ran the place himself. He and his friends usually worked on their skyhoppers or landspeeders there. Fixer had a five-engined landspeeder, and he was also secretly rebuilding a podracer that he planned to sell for a very high price in Mos Espa in order to have enough money to throw a huge wedding for him and Camie.

At one point, not much before Darklighters' return, Fixer and his friend gathered in Beggar's Canyon. By the time Skywalker and Windy arrived on the former skyhopper, Fixer, Camie, and Deak were already there, enjoying malt juices. Fixer had a race with Skywalker down Beggar's Canyon in their skyhoppers. During the speed run, Deak rode with Fixer and Windy accompanied Skywalker. Fixer figured his route through the Bottleneck, which he thought to be the perfect route, which would earn him new record time around Beggar's Canyon. However, Skywalker took a dangerous maneuver: he flew through the Stone Needle, lost a stabilizer, but eventually beat Fixer.[3]

Immediately afterwards, he engaged in a non-lethal dogfight, which he also lost, much to his dismay.

The day Biggs Darklighter returned home from his training at the Imperial Academy and went to Tosche Station, Fixer and Camie were lounging around when Luke Skywalker, whom they more often referred to as "Wormie," walked in to tell everyone about the space battle he had just seen. The four of them walked outside to check it out, but while the other three all looked through a pair of electrobinoculars, Fixer wasn't interested enough to look, and instead kept his attention on Camie. As they went back inside, he told Luke that he doubted if the Galactic Empire would even fight to save the Tatoo system. Not much later, Fixer joined his droids in performing repairs in the station's repair bay.[5]

The next day, Imperial stormtroopers hit on the Lars homestead and killed Owen and Beru Lars, and this way they forced Luke Skywalker to join Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in his quest for the Rebellion. Everyone, including Fixer thought that the Tusken Raiders hit the homestead and Skywalker died along with his relatives. Sometime later, after the Battle of Yavin, Fixer and Camie got married. Fixer quit his job at Tosche Station when the House of Tagge came to Tatooine and brought up a lot of moisture farms. The Tagge outfit set him and Camie up at the Darklighters' old home and made Fixer a caretaker for their new properties, one of which was the old Lars homestead. Fixer was at the Lars house one day when he caught Skywalker, who he thought to be a thieving scavenger snooping around. He pulled a blaster on Skywalker, but when he had him toss his own blaster, Skywalker spun around and destroyed Fixer's gun with his lightsaber. Recognizing his old friend, Fixer told Skywalker about his new business, but when Imperials showed up, Skywalker fled with his droids. Fixer and Camie felt they had to do whatever he could to protect their job. Since they suspected Skywalker of being a Rebel, they sold him out to the Empire. However, Fixer searched for Skywalker and caught up with him in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina in Mos Eisley to warn him of their treachery.[1]

At one point during the time of the rebellion, Fixer was serving ale at Tosche Station when the worst sandstorm in a decade hit Anchorhead and a group of Rebels, local citizens, and stormtroopers took shelter inside. After the troopers arrived, a firefight broke out.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"Listen, anything the great Biggs Darklighter could do, I can do!"
―Fixer, to Camie[3]

Fixer tended to be highly defensive of Camie. While they were watching the battle above Tatooine, Fixer gave Skywalker a hard look when the latter complained about Camie's lack of care when she grabbed his binoculars away.[5] However, he didn't care for her opinion when it came to her admiration of Darklighter.[3] His opinion of Skywalker was much lower, he gave the boy derogatory nicknames such as small fry or Wormie.[2][3]

He was good at repairing droids, which Skywalker knew, leading him to once bring a broken Treadwell to him for repair.[4] However, he could occasionally act immaturely, in Camie's opinion, in that he'd sometimes steal parts for his repairs to his Skyhopper.[3]

Fixer envied Darklighter's piloting skill, and was eager to match his records. However, he wasn't so keen on entering the Imperial Academy due to his preference for being his own boss. He even went so far as to sabotage his qualifying test to enter the academy.[3] He also didn't care about the possible political repercussions of such a move against the Empire, or politics in general.[1]

Darklighter found Fixer smart enough to know that the man was better off being the big noise in a small room than to hide in the background.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Sketch of Camie Loneozner, Darklighter and Fixer

The Fixer character first appeared in the December 1976 novelization of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope,[5] ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster.[7] His first visual appearance occurred in 1977 in Marvel Comics's adaptation of A New Hope.[8] Fixer's scene was cut before the release of the film. In 1979, Ballantine Books published The Art of Star Wars, which featured the full script of the film and many production sketched, including one by costume designer John Mollo that depicted Fixer. Although the caption of image identified "Camie, The Fixer and Biggs", they seemed to be Camie, Biggs and Fixer per their clothes.[9]

The Anchorhead scene from A New Hope has been portrayed more or less the same in every adaptation over the years. However, the creators of the comic Darklighter decided to change the previously established events. In the comic, when Biggs Darklighter returned to Tosche Station, Camie joyfully greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. But she was getting too close for Fixer, and he told her to cut it out and quickly jumped out of his seat, pushed his girlfriend out of the way, and grabbed Biggs' jacket. He was ready to let loose on him when Luke walked in to report the space battle he had just seen. It is not known if this change is canon.

In the scenes deleted from A New Hope, Fixer was played by Anthony Forrest. He was played by Adam Arkin in the radio drama. Timothy Omundson provided his voice for a scene in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. In the video game, the player races and wins a dogfight against Fixer during the training mission.

Fixer's real name was not revealed until Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy.

The word laze can mean "to lounge" or "to pass time lazily." The character's name could have easily been inspired by this, given his lethargy in the scene deleted from A New Hope. Laze is also homonymous with the word "lase", which means to emit coherent radiation by the action of a laser.

Delta 40 in Star Wars: Republic Commando is also named "Fixer," a reference to this character.[10]


Fixer, Darklighter and Skywalker in Star Wars 1


Fixer attacks his friend Biggs.

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