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The Lazerian system was a nine-planet system located in the Expansion Region that was home to the planet of Lazerian IV.[2]


The Lazerian system was located in the Expansion Region and was the connection point of the Harrin Trade Corridor with the Enarc Run. A short hyperlane, called the Kira Run, connected the Lazerian System with the Ropagi system via the Kira system. Neighboring the Lazerian system were the Arrgaw system and the Cerenia system. A ship with a Class One hyperdrive could reach Arrgaw within twenty-three hours and Cerenia within two days and four hours. The Kira Run, being well-charted, took no less than two hours.[2]


The Lazerian system and the neighboring region.

The native Humans of Lazerian IV developed spaceflight technology relatively early, while putting relatively less effort on exploring the depths of their own oceans. They charted and explored the whole system and colonized two planets, Acorvus and Dborian. The former was used as a prison colony and the latter as a mining outpost. Additional mining outpost were established within the Rokwahl Asteroid Belt, as well as a network of transponder buoys to guide the traffic.[2]

Being an important system along the Harrin Trade Corridor, the system became a major center of commerce and was buzzing with activity. When the Kira Run was used more frequently around 0 ABY, the importance of Lazerian IV even increased.[3] The stars of the two ending systems, Lazerian and Ropagi, became known as the "Twin Stars of Kira".

The Lazerian system was governed by a monarchy with a caste-based society. The Lazerians were slow to accept knew ideas, but were loyal members of the Galactic Republic. When the Galactic Empire came to power, the Lazerians stayed loyal to the new system, even after the apparent death of Palpatine. Imperial presence in the system was very light, consisting mostly of an Imperial Customs contingent and several starfighter squadrons.[2]

Orbital bodies[]

Most of the planets in the system were unimportant desolated and deserted balls of rock or gas giants. The most important ones were Lazerian IV and its colonies.[2]


Acorvus was desert-type planet with a breathable Type-II atmosphere. The closest planet to Lazerian IV, it was used as a prison colony and off-limits for all unauthorized personnel.[2]

Lazerian IV[]

The terrestrial planet Lazerian IV was the most populated planet in the system. It was home to a large human population, who ruled the planet and the system. However, the planet was also home to the native Akwins, an aquatic race living in the oceans. They co-existed with the Lazerians, without them knowing about their existence.[2]


Being a barren rock, Dborian also had a Type-II atmosphere, but was largely uninhabited. The only settlements consisted of several small mining outposts.[2]



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