Leanna Carella was an customs officer and later the wife of captain Dav Kathis of the Longrunner. Once he mysteriously disappeared, Carella took control of his ship to make a living and to look for him.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Leanna Carella began her career as a customs officer. She eventually left this job to marry Dav Kathis, an independent free-trader who operated his Kazellis Light Freighter Longrunner through the Enarc Run. Carella and Kathis lived on their ship along with their son.

Kathis suddenly vanished; he had been kidnapped by agents of COMPNOR who mistakenly believed him to be an informer to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Carella began traveling Kathis' usual routes looking for him, while at the same time she tried to earn some money with the business.

One of the COMPNOR agents suffered from paranoia: When they could not link Kathis with the Alliance, he decided that Carella was probably the informer they were looking for.

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