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"You sure you're doing okay over there, Seastriker? Or do we need to fetch you some soda water and a fan?"
"I'm good, Ledaney. But what about you? Word has it you've been hitting the Corellian stuff pretty hard lately."
―Ledaney and Joph Seastriker, joking about alcohol and Ledaney's partner[1]

A male individual from the[1] planet[2] Corellia was the romantic partner of Ledaney, a male New Republic X-wing pilot,[1] in 28 ABY.[3] The relationship was still new but known to all of Ledaney's squadron mates in the precision air team at the time when the Gatalentan Joph Seastriker told his fellow pilots about his experience on the recent Equinox Day. Seastriker had felt side effects immediately after imbibing a notoriously intoxicating beverage, the potent Pamarthen Port in a Storm. As the group teased Seastriker, Ledaney jokingly offered to get the Gatalentan a fan and soda water. Seastriker responded with a quip about Ledaney and his Corellian partner using wordplay that could be mistaken as saying Ledaney frequently consumed large quantities of Corellian brandy.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ledaney's partner was mentioned in the 2016 novel Bloodline, written by Claudia Gray.[1]


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