Legacy 22: The Wrath of the Dragon is the twenty-second issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series.

Publisher's summary[]

In light of recent events, Darth Krayt deems it time to teach a lesson in obedience—to the entire galaxy!

Emperor Krayt is displeased, and the price of betrayal will be exacted from an entire race, their suffering rippling to the edges of the Outer Rim. Yet his wrath will not stop there, as even among his own ranks failure will be dealt with cruelly and with lasting results. Old allegiances will be tested, and new bonds will be formed through pain and anger.

This is what happens when the Sith rule the galaxy! The unfettered fury of the Sith!


Three days after the Imperial defeat at Dac, Darth Krayt has arrived at New Coral City. There, with several Sith Lords and a number of stormtroopers, he presents the captured Gial Gahan to the Mon Calamari Council. He reveals that he has long known that the Mon Calamari have secretly supported Gar Stazi, and tells them that Gahan had helped him steal the new Imperious-class Star Destroyer Imperious. While Gahan insists that he was the only one who assisted Stazi, Krayt no longer cares. He orders the execution of ten percent of the Calamari species, starting with the ones on the Council.

Immediately after Krayt issues this, Darth Azard and the other Sith, as well as the stormtroopers, slaughter the Mon Calamari, as well as any Quarren who disagree. Krayt then orders the rest of the Mon Calamari to be placed in force labor camps and will continue this until they are extinct. Gahan protests, saying Krayt is committing genocide. Krayt then executes Gahan, saying he can die knowing he is responsible for the eventual extinction of his people.

Meanwhile, at the Galactic Alliance Remnant fleet, Gar Stazi is horrorified to be watching the genocide Krayt is committing. Jhoram Bey, Stazi's new second-in-command, says the fleet should head back to Dac and help the Calamari. Stazi says that with the weapon systems of the Imperious still off-line, there is nothing they could do.

On Dac, Rogue pilot Monia Gahan evades stormtroopers. Just when she is about to be killed, Imperial Knights Treis Sinde and Sigel Dare kill the stormtroopers. They know she is a member of Rogue Squadron, and they tell her they need to get a message to Stazi: they had sabotaged the Imperious on the orders of Roan Fel before it was stolen. If the weapons systems on-board the ship are activated, the ship will explode. Monia agrees to pass on their message, but she refuses to leave without her fellow Alliance members.

After freeing the Alliance captives, including Rogue pilot Ronto, several members of the group disguise themselves as Imperial personnel and go to a hangar where Darth Azard's shuttle is docked. Claiming to be moving the prisoners on Azard's orders, they are allowed to board. But Azard arrives moments later, and kills the officer who allowed them to board his shuttle. Sinde leaps from the shuttle to fight Azard while the others escape. Once the shuttle is away, Sinde leaps off the platform. He later joins up with a new resistance movement opposed to Krayt's genocide.

At the Alliance fleet, Dare and Monia inform Stazi of the sabotage and reverse it. Monia proposes the idea of allying with Fel's Empire-in-exile to Stazi. He is reluctant at first. But he soon realizes that his feelings about Fel and his Empire are blinding him to the possibilities that an alliance could bring. He tells Dare to contact Fel and tell him he is willing to once again talk about forging an alliance. He also renames the Imperious the Alliance.