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Legacy 3: Broken, Part 3 is the third issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series.

Publisher's summary[]

A man struggles with a dilemma: to claim his rightful heritage and save the galaxy, he will have to turn his back on his only kin and abandon them to a dark fate. Elsewhere, a long-kept secret gnaws at a ruthless bounty hunter. Revealing it could mean certain death for him and his companions, but ignoring it just might drive him mad. An unpredictable third installment in the series that reveals the never-before-seen future of the Star Wars universe! A galaxy of intrigue and danger, romance and adventure awaits!

  • This is the future of Star Wars, the continuation of the story that started in the original trilogy, and none of it has been seen before.

Plot summary[]

On the Planet Socorro, Cade Skywalker, Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue struggle to take the captured Jedi, Hosk Trey'lis to a pirate named Rav to collect the bounty on the Jedi as well as the bounty on Naxy Screeger. Hosk breaks free only to be tackled by Cade, causing them both to fall from a bridge. As they fall, Hosk senses that the Force is strong with Cade and that Cade could perhaps be a Jedi but Hosk is knocked unconscious when they hit the water. Cade drags Hosk out of the water and hands him and Screeger over to Rav who stands waiting on the shore. Rav stiffs Cade on the bounty and gives them just enough to refuel their shift and leave but as a "bonus," Rav gives Cade three death sticks. Syn gets angry with Rav for stringing Cade along with the death sticks and Rav admits that he enjoys keeping Cade on a short leash. When Syn argues that he and Cade earned their freedom from Rav and that Rav actually owes them, Rav reminds Syn that it was Syn and Rav that found Cade amongst the ruins of the Jedi Academy on Ossus and the Rav didn't owe either of them anything.

On Bastion, the former Emperor Roan Fel gains the support of the 501st Legion and with the help of the 501st's Commander, Oron Jaeger, turns Bastion into his main base of operations. (in what is known as the Fall of Bastion) As Fel tells Jaeger that his acquisition of Bastion must remain a secret from Darth Krayt, Jaeger receives the transmission that the Imperial Mission on Soccorro is burning, Princess Marasiah is missing and her body guard, Elke Vetter has been slain. The Captain of the Fel's Imperial Guard opts for an immediate three man rescue team to find the Princess but Fel forbids it. Fel explains that he cannot risk letting Krayt know that he is on Bastion and that the Princess was just a lure to get Fel out of hiding.

Marasiah and her hand maiden, Astraal Vao flee from the Imperial Mission but their pursuer, Darth Talon, isn't far behind. Astraal uses a public holocomm to contact her brother, Shado Vao and makes plans to meet him on Vendaxa.

Elsewhere on Soccorro, Cade has locked Syn and Deliah out of his ship, the Mynock, and is visited by the Force ghost of Luke Skywalker. Luke asks why Cade uses death sticks and Cade replies that they keep Luke away and dampen his Force abilities. Luke wonders why Cade gave up his training to become a Jedi when he has such a talent in the Force. Enough talent to bring his former master, Wolf Sazen, back from the dead. We learn that in bringing Sazen back, Cade partially fell into the dark side of the Force and that part of him enjoyed it. Luke reminds Cade that he knows more about the dark side than Cade does and that if Cade was at peace with himself and embraced his legacy he wouldn't have to go there to draw so much energy. Cade asks Luke what's so great about being a Jedi when history shows that it just gains you more trouble. Luke tells Cade that running away from his responsibilities won't solve anything and Cade replies by threatening to shoot himself with his own blaster unless Luke left him alone. Luke leaves and Cade opens the hatch to let in Syn and Deliah blaming the wait on being in the shower. As Syn and Deliah begin to load their things onto the ship, Marasiah and Astraal come running towards the ship and demand that Cade take them with him. Cade asks them if they have creds and Marasiah attempts to use a Jedi mind trick on Cade. Cade questions Marasiah's identity but the sudden appearance of Darth Talon coming at them on a swoop bike cuts him off. Cade allows Marasiah and Astraal to board and orders Syn and Deliah to make an emergency take-off.

Astraal tells Cade to take them to Vendaxa and Cade gives Marasiah and Astraal Deliah's room, so, Deliah decides to bunk with Cade. Syn gets onto Cade for taking on passengers with no creds but Cade discovers the identity of Marasiah and decides to let her lead Cade to her father so that Cade can get the reward for saving the Princess and then turn her and her father over to the Sith for an even larger reward.


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Behind the scenes[]

Cade Skywalker's computer screen contains the Aurebesh text "[panel begins]ASIAH FE[panel ends]" (referring to Marasiah Fel) and "WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE EMPIRE (with the word "for" and some of the letters obscured or outside the panel).


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