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Legacy 7 is the seventh issue of the new Star Wars: Legacy comic series .

Publisher's summary[]

After a terrible vision of Empress Fel being struck down by a Sith, Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao ignore direct orders and set out in search of the murdering Sith. It's the right thing to do… but it's also scratching their itch for adventure!

Plot summary[]

After learning of Darth Wredd's plot to attack Empress Marasiah Fel, the young Imperial Knight Jao Assam and his junk dealer friend Ania Solo embark on a quest to hunt down the rogue Sith. However, they encounter unexpected opposition in the form of Jao's mentor Master Yalta Val. Master Val attempts to reason with Jao by reminding him that they have orders to follow and that they must trust that the Force would guide the Empress. Following a brief scuffle with Val's Stormtroopers, Master Val allows the two companions to leave but warns Jao that he is being selfish. Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Admiral Gar Stazi and Empress Fel discuss the rampant lawlessness in the Calamari sector and the plight of the Mon Calamari species.

While traveling in a stolen shuttle, Jao and Ania decide to track down Darth Wredd's Nalydian henchman Dieben, the last known lead on Darth Wredd's whereabouts. Jao and Ania quickly learn that Dieben has been extradited to his homeworld of Nalyd to face punishment for his various crimes. After learning that Dieben has been sentenced to public execution, the two companions attempt to convince the Nalydian authorities to talk to him. When that request is denied, Ania "rescues" Dieben and commandeers a Nalydian giant spider. Following a protracted pursuit, Ania, Jao, and Dieben crash into a swamp. While Ania survives the fall, Dieben is impaled by a sharp plant and succumbs to his wounds. Even in death, Dieben refused to divulge any information on Darth Wredd. Shortly later, they are joined by several Nalydian guards who tell them that they won't be taking him back to Dac, the poisoned homeworld of the Mon Calamari species.

During a delivery run to Iego, the Mon Calamari engineer Sauk confides in the assassin droid AG-37 about his regrets at leaving his homeworld of Dac. As a young engineer, Sauk had a taste for adventure and had apprenticed himself offworld. Sauk is unable to come to terms with the trauma of losing his family and homeworld during the One Sith genocide against the Mon Calamari. AG-37 informs Sauk that the Mon Calamari Shipyards were not totally destroyed. Meanwhile on Coruscant, Empress Fel learns about Ania and Jao's escape from the Animus. She orders Master Val and Antares Draco to arrest Ania and charges Jao with desertion, a crime that carries the death penalty in the Imperial Knights.


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