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"The Jedi teach that life doesn't cease at death, but merely changes form in the Force. Your parents are alive inside you, Ezra. They will be. Always."
―Kanan Jarrus to Ezra Bridger[7]

"Legacy" is the eleventh episode and the mid-season finale of the Star Wars Rebels animated television series' second season.[2] It is the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on December 9, 2015 on Disney XD.[1]

Official description[]

After seeing his parents in a strange vision, Ezra believes they may still be alive. He heads back to Lothal for answers, while the Empire comes to Garel hoping to crush the rebellion.[2]

Plot summary[]


While sleeping in his bunk aboard the Ghost, Ezra Bridger experiences a Force vision of his parents in prison, a white Loth-cat, and fighting Imperials with his lightsaber on the planet Garel. After awakening from his vision, falling out of his bunk as Garazeb Orrelios, still asleep, snores loudly, Ezra interrupts a meeting between Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus, who are discussing plans to establish a permanent base for the rebellion. Ezra relates his vision to Hera and Kanan, prompting the two older rebels to disclose Tseebo's information about his parents. Hera and Kanan reveal that Ezra's parents had been imprisoned within a vast network of Imperial prisons scattered throughout the galaxy. However, despite calling in favours from every informant, smuggler and pirate they knew, and even asking Senator Organa, they were unable to determine which prison his parents had been sent to.

Meanwhile, onboard the Star Destroyer Relentless above the planet Lothal, Admiral Kassius Konstantine tells the Inquisitors Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister that there has been no sign of a rebel presence on Garel, which is controlled by the Empire. The Fifth Brother asks Konstantine if he doubts their word, and the Admiral retorts that he looks for the day when he produces results. Agent Kallus, entering, reports that the Inquisitors have, as he has independently confirmed their theory, explaining that the rebels are using multiple spaceports to hide their ships. He notes that he finds it quite clever, and the Seventh Sister is surprised that the Imperial Security Bureau agent respects the rebels, even though they represent his "constant failure." Kallus responds that if the Imperials work together, they can capture the rebels, and orders Admiral Konstantine to deploy the Imperial fleet to Garel.

Back on Garel, Ezra is looking at a hologram of his parents in the Ghost's upper turret when Hera calls him to the common room. Entering, he finds Kanan and Hera waiting with a list displayed on the holoprojector. Hera explains that Commander Jun Sato, knowing of her interest in Imperial prisons, sent her information intercepted by his contact in the Core about a mass escape the previous night. She tells Ezra that the list is of the prisoners involved, and that the Empire has deleted their names and images to keep it a secret. Ezra quickly realizes that his vision is somehow connected to the escape attempt, and insists that his parents were involved. Kanan shows Ezra how to use an old Jedi technique he knows to use the Force to focus on the list. He cautions Ezra that he has to see the truth as the Force presents it to him, and that this might not be good. After seeing a vision of the white Loth-cat and a helmeted figure, Ezra zooms in on Prisoner X-10, who had been arrested on Lothal for treason.


Using this new information, Ezra insists that they have to go to Lothal. Kanan warns him that Force visions can be easily misinterpreted, as Ezra rushes to his cabin, searching for his helmet. Hearing the conversation, Sabine Wren remarks that now is the perfect time to go, as she heard that the Imperial fleet left Lothal's orbit that morning. Ezra sees this as a sign. Kanan, handing Ezra his helmet, reassures his apprentice that just because he has to go doesn't mean he has to go alone, and Hera adds that the crew is family. Sabine asks, "Speaking of family, where are the delinquents?" Meanwhile, Zeb and Chopper are in the market shopping for supplies when they receive instructions to return to the Ghost. When Zeb reports that they haven't encountered any Imperial patrols, Sabine is alarmed, and reveals to the others that the Empire always pulls back patrols before a major strike. Hera orders Zeb and Chopper to return immediately, as a fleet of Star Destroyers arrives above Garel.

Zeb, in the marketplace, wonders what Hera was trying to tell him as the rebels' comm signal is jammed. A blast door opens to reveal a large number of stormtroopers, answering Zeb's question. Hera orders Sabine to splice the Empire's jamming system while they wait for Zeb and Chopper to rejoin them, and Kanan and Ezra head off to assist Zeb and Chopper. Pursued by several stormtroopers, Zeb and Chopper take cover behind some crates, just as Kanan and Ezra come to their rescue. The rebels head farther down the hallway, but Chopper retreats to the original crates, having seen Agent Kallus and some stormtroopers arriving from the other direction, catching the rebels in a crossfire. Ezra snaps that they don't have all day, and charges out of cover as Kanan calls after him. Igniting his lightsaber, Ezra charges at Kallus, taking out the two stormtroopers by deflecting their shots before Force pushing Kallus into a wall, knocking him out. Just then, the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister arrive, and the Mirialan Inquisitor attempts to goad Ezra into attacking her. Ezra charges them, too, but Kanan shoots the control panel for the blast doors, closing them. Frustrated, Ezra snaps at Kanan that he doesn't know what this is like, and Kanan agrees, telling Ezra that he never knew his parents. Ezra apologizes, and Kanan tells him it's okay, as it's too late for him, but maybe not for Ezra. Onboard the Ghost, Hera and Sabine manage to contact Commander Sato, who is calling Phoenix Squadron to report. He tells Hera that they are enacting Escape Plan Delta, and asks her if she's ready. Seeing Kanan, Ezra, Zeb and Chopper running for the ship, pursued by stormtroopers, Hera responds that they are, and the Ghost takes off once everyone is aboard.

Hera orders Phoenix Squadron to angle their deflectors and follow her lead. Onboard the Relentless, Konstantine is told that several rebel ships are attempting to take off. A Taylander shuttle is shot down as the rebels evacuate. Kanan tells Ezra that if he wants to go to Lothal, they have to leave now, and the two of them and Chopper board the Phantom. Meanwhile, Zeb mans the Ghost's upper turret and blasts a TIE fighter. Kanan detaches the Phantom from the Ghost, and shoots down another TIE. Konstantine orders his subordinates to target the rebel command ship with a tractor beam, snagging the Liberator, Commander Sato and Rex's CR90 corvette. Hera orders Kanan and Ezra to leave, as she turns back to rescue the command ship. The Phantom and several other rebel ships flee. Sabine aims the ship's proton torpedoes at the Relentless' tractor beam projector, but the Ghost is knocked out of torpedo lock by fire from a TIE fighter. Hera then executes a dangerous maneuver to take out the Star Destroyer's tractor beam, ramming the dish with the Ghost's side, knocking it off and causing it to strike a pursuing TIE. The Ghost, the Liberator and the rest of the rebel ships escape into hyperspace. Sabine asks Hera whether they're going to Lothal or staying with the fleet, and Hera responds that they're sticking with the fleet. When one of Admiral Konstantine's underlings reports that Agent Kallus would like to know the location of the rebel fleet, the Admiral responds that so would he.

Return to Lothal[]

Meanwhile, the Phantom exits hyperspace above Lothal. Kanan expresses relief at not seeing any Star Destroyers above the planet for a change, and comforts Ezra by telling him that when he lost his master, he was alone, and he didn't want Ezra to be. Upon landing in Capital City, Kanan and Ezra visit the Bridgers' old home, which had been razed to the ground by the Empire. Meanwhile, Chopper stays aboard the Phantom. Ezra is upset, as he wonders where his parents could be if they're not here. Just then, a white loth-cat, identical to the one in Ezra's vision, emerges from the cellar. Ezra chases the cat through the streets of the city, before the animal escapes on the back of a speeder bike. However, Ezra informs Kanan that he can trace it, and then has to clarify that he planted a tracker on the animal. They follow the tracker's signal to a spot in the wilderness, where they encounter the loth-cat and the speeder bike.

Immediately, Kanan and Ezra are forced to take cover when they are cornered by a helmeted figure, who fires at them. Ezra quickly recognizes the man as X-10, the prisoner from his Force vision, and asks him to stand down. When the man growls that "X-10" isn't his name, mistaking his pursuers for bounty hunters, Ezra manages to placate the man by revealing that he is the son of Ephraim and Mira Bridger, suspecting that the man knows his parents. At this, the man removes his helmet and introduces himself as Ryder Azadi, confirming that he knows Ezra's parents. At Ryder's hideout, Ezra notes that he seems familiar, asking if he knows him. Ryder comments that Ezra was pretty young back then, and explains that he used to be the Governor of Lothal, and was imprisoned by the Imperials for supporting the Bridgers' broadcasts. He notes that he's amazed Ezra is here, as Ryder was going to seek him out, but Ezra found him first. Ryder reveals that Ezra's parents had heard his broadcast from Lothal's Imperial Communications Center, recognizing Ezra from his words, and this had inspired them to stage a breakout at their prison. Ezra quietly asks if they're dead, and Ryder confirms it. He explains that they were separated in the escape, and that the Bridgers refused to leave until everyone else had escaped, and they didn't make it. Ezra begins to cry, and Kanan gives him a hug.

Later that night, watching the moons, Ezra experiences another Force vision where he is visited by both his parents. As the three look upon an idealized Capital City, Ephraim and Mira tell Ezra they are proud of his achievements and tell him to stay strong. Just as the vision ends, Ezra is approached by Kanan, who remarks that it will be morning soon. After Ezra tells Kanan about the vision, he informs his apprentice that the Jedi teach that life does not end with death but merely changes form. He also tells Ezra that his parents will always be with him. The two watch Lothal's moons set.


"Legacy" was known during and after production as "The Secret of Prisoner X-10", and was only changed to its final title in September 2015.[8]


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