Star Wars: Legacy Legacy Volume 2 13 is the thirteenth issue of the new Star Wars: Legacy comic series. It was released by Dark Horse Comics on March 26, 2014.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

After a crash landing on a wild planet with her captor—and former flame—Ramid, Ania Solo is having trouble shaking the other bounty hunter on her tail. She's going to need some help from someone, but when you're accused of murdering an Imperial Knight, friends are hard to come by!

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

A year has passed since the liberation of the Mon Calamari Shipyards. The Imperial Knight Jao Assam, Ania Solo, the Mon Calamari engineer Sauk, and the assassin droid AG-37 embark on a quest to hunt down the rogue Sith Darth Wredd, who is waging an insurgency against the One Sith. Jao has seen a Force vision of Darth Wredd attacking Empress Marasiah Fel, the leader of the new Galactic Federation Triumvirate and is determined to foil his conspiracy. While visiting Lasgo Port, Ania is kidnapped by her former flame Ramid who escapes into hyperspace.

Pursued by a mysterious bounty hunter, Ramid's starship crash-lands on the barren fourth world of a remote system that rains glass and acid. The bounty hunter demands that Ania surrender herself. After sending a medical droid to tend to the wounded Ramid, Ania attacks the bounty hunter with a blaster and manages to knock her down temporarily. Ania then flees into the wilderness. Meanwhile, Ania's companions Jao, Sauk, and AG-37 continue their hunt for Ania. While plotting her possible locations, the three companions discuss the topic of Ania's guilt and innocence. Following a lengthy philosophical discussion, Sauk and Jao agree to put aside their differences and rescue in order to uncover the truth about her alleged role in the murder of the Imperial Knight Teemen Alton.

Meanwhile on Coruscant, the Imperial Knight Master Yalta Val confronts Empress Marasiah Fel about her campaign to hunt down Ania Solo. His meetign with the Empress only confirms his skepticism of Ania's purported guilt. On the glass ice planet, Ania stumbles across a ruined temple and several giant beetles. Shortly later, she is captured by the bounty hunter who attempts to bring her aboard her TIE Bomber. However, at the eleventh hour, her estranged lover Ramid comes to the rescue and overpowers the bounty hunter. Following a tense reunion, Ania and Ramid then flee on his speeder bike into the wilderness.

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