Legacy 21: Indomitable, Part 2 is the twenty-first issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The conclusion of a shocking two-part tale pitting the Sith Empire against the Galactic Alliance in an all-out space battle!

The Sith have lured outlaw Admiral Gar Stazi into a trap to destroy the Alliance once and for all. Yet Stazi is no fool-he may have agreed to play the Sith's game, but not with the cards they expect! Meanwhile, forces loyal to the deposed Emperor Roan Fel wait on the sidelines. Are they here to help, to hurt, or simply make off with whatever's left when the dust settles?

Plot summaryEdit

Gar Stazi remembers what happened at Caamas: the Galactic Alliance's defeat, his defiance, and his fighting withdrawal.

At Mon Calamari, Admiral Dru Valan asks Stazi if he intends to surrender or die. Stazi, telling him this situation is exactly like Caamas, says he will fight. He orders his fleet to fire on the Outer Rim Third Fleet. The Imperials are taken by surprise by this sudden barrage, and Valan orders a return fire as well as fire from the Mon Calamari Shipyards. But the shipyards fire on the Imperial fleet instead of Stazi's, having been hacked by Monia Gahan.

Meanwhile, on board the Imperious, the stormtroopers that re-seized the ship are revealed to be Galactic Alliance troops under the command of Hondo Karr. They successfully steal the ship and get it out of the system. Meanwhile, Valan orders his fleet to ignore everything else and destroy Stazi at all costs.

Stazi's fleet falls back behind the shipyards while Rogue Squadron provides cover from Imperial fighters. Stazi orders the rest of his fleet to evacuate the system. As the rest of the fleet escapes, a shot from the Imperial fleet does terrible damage to the Indomitable. Valan once again asks Stazi to surrender, but Stazi says he is going to pilot his ship into the shipyards to destroy them. But as he orders the evacuation of his ship, Rogue Leader Jhoram Bey arrives on the bridge to take the admiral to safety. Stazi refuses, insisting that Captain Jaius Yorub be taken instead. Captain Yorub says that Stazi is a symbol of the Alliance and can't be allowed to die, and, under implied orders from Yorub, Bey knocks Stazi out and takes him from the ship.

Once Stazi is safe, Yorub opens a channel for all to hear, saying that the Alliance still lives and that one day, they will triumph over the Sith. He pilots the Indomitable into the shipyards, destroying a third of them. On board his ship, a shocked Admiral Valan tells Captain Hoge to report whatever he wishes to Darth Azard. He retires to his quarters with a laser pistol, and we are left to believe he is considering suicide.

Meanwhile, at the Alliance fleet, attempts to bring the weapons systems on board the Imperious online have begun. Stazi promotes Jhoram Bey to his second in command to "punish" him for knocking him out, and tells him to ready the fleet for further action. He knows the theft of the Imperious will bring about a Sith reprisal, and they need to find out where that will be.


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