Legacy 4 is the fourth issue of the new Star Wars: Legacy comic series .

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

A vanishing planet and an impostor revealed… a deadly trap and a dangerous escape. When Ania Solo set out in search of adventure, little did she know trouble, peril, and the Sith would be along for the ride!

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Following the defeat of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, the One Sith are driven underground. A new Galactic Federation Triumvirate consisting of the Jedi Order, the Fel Empire, and the Galactic Alliance Remnant is established. The new Empress Marasiah Fel embarks on an ambitious project to link the Outer Rim Territories with the rest of the galaxy. During a mission to the Carreras system, the Imperial Knight Yalta Val is ambushed and kidnapped by a rogue Sith, who imprisons him and steals his identity. In response to the erratic behavior of the false "Yalta Val", Governor Biala considers lodging a formal complaint with the Triumvirate authorities once the Carreras G51 communications array is complete. Shortly later, the station begins moving under the orders of "Yalta Val."

Meanwhile, Ania Solo and her companions are boarded and taken captive by the Carreras authorities. The Sith impostor orders his men to bring the Imperial Knight Jao Assam but to execute the others. When Governor Biala objects, "Yalta Val" Force chokes her but chooses to spare her life. In their cells, Ania talks about escaping but her Mon Calamari friend Sauk is pessimistic of their chances of success. Meanwhile, the IG-88 assassin droid AG-37 has been disabled by a restraining bolt. While conversing, Sauk speculates that Mala is actually a floating planet that travels through the galaxy. The Sith apprentice then confers with the captive Jao Assam and reveals his plans to create a new Sith order based on the Rule of Two. Unknown to both of them, their conversation is being watched by Governor Biala, who quickly deduces that "Yalta Val" is an impostor.

Meanwhile, Val's Imperial comm droid reactivates and manages to sneak off the space station unnoticed by the guards. Outside, the Carreras communication arrays steers towards the orbit of Mala. Back on the station, Governor Biala frees Jao, Ania, and the rest of the team and sends them to "get rid" of the Sith impostor. Against the advice of her companions, Ania attacks the Sith impostor and destroys his shuttle. However, the Sith apprentice survives the explosion and attacks Ania's companions. After incapacitating Sauk and AG-37, he duels with Jao Assam. Jao manages to blind the Sith impostor but the Sith then uses the Force to impale him with two metal rods. Jao hurtles into space while the Sith apprentice escapes in another starship.

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