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"This is my ship. I know everything that happens on the Legacy Run. Everything."
―Hedda Casset[1]

The Legacy Run was a Class A modular freight transport that was destroyed in an event known as the Great Hyperspace Disaster. Fragments of its debris were shot through hyperspace and traveled to points across the galaxy.[1]


Fragments of the Legacy Run

The Legacy Run was a Class A modular freight transport manufactured by Kaniff Yards. Like other vessels of its type, it had a huge central compartment shaped like a long triangular prism, with engineering located in the aft section. The rest of the space was allocated for cargo. The bridge was connected to the central compartment via long boom arms, which also served as passageways to and from the bridge. Up to 144 smaller modules could be attached to the central compartment, as the vessel's modular design meant the ship's layout could be modified depending on what it was carrying in its current voyage. Potential modifications included turning half the cargo space into a large aquarium, and modules for carrying up to 9,000 passengers.[1]

By the time of the Legacy Run's destruction, it was over twice as old as its final captain, Hedda Casset, having been in service for well over a century and somewhat past its prime, although Casset kept the vessel in an excellent state of repair.[1]


Legacy Run explodes in hyperspace.

Built well over a century[1] prior to 232 BBY,[2] the Legacy Run came to be owned by the Byne Guild. Eventually, the ship came under the command of retired military officer Hedda Casset, who had previously served in the Malastare-Sullust Joint Task Force. Casset ran a tight ship and kept both the Legacy Run and her crew in tip-top shape. On one occasion, the Legacy Run transported a saberfish from Tibrin to Abregado-rae so it could be placed in a countess' private aquarium, but when the fish became ill as the noblewoman's people did not know how to care for it, the countess paid full freight for the animal to be returned to Tibrin.[1]

On the Legacy Run's final voyage in 232 BBY,[2] the ship was carrying thousands of colonists from the Core Worlds and Colonies to the Outer Rim Territories, traveling on an old and well-established hyperlane. Passengers included humans, Ardennians, Givin and at least one Lannik. On the bridge, Casset put her first officer, Jary Bowman, in charge so she could make her rounds. In the ship's unofficial common area, Casset had a conversation with a young boy, Serj Ukkarian, who asked her about more entertainment holos, and she told him to stop trying to hack the ship's database for age-inappropriate entertainment. Moving on, Casset checked on the proper storage of a shipment of liquid tibanna and the progress of ongoing repairs to the Legacy Run's environmental recirculation systems. Finding everything satisfactory, Casset returned to the bridge.[1]

Moments after Casset had reclaimed the watch from Bowman, an alarm went off signifying an approaching mass shadow, with a mere ten seconds to impact. Casset, having served as a starfighter pilot, took manual control of the Legacy Run and attempted to steer it clear of the unexpected obstacle. However, the starship, being old and beyond its prime, lost structural integrity. Casset's last action was to seal the bulkhead doors of the passenger compartments in the hope of saving some of the colonists, before the destruction of the bridge. The Legacy Run's destruction was the beginning of the Great Hyperspace Disaster, as shrapnel from the starship was flung all over the galaxy through hyperspace, necessitating the Republic and Jedi to launch a massive rescue effort for those stranded by the catastrophe. Instances of fragments of the ship reappearing became known as Emergences.[1]

The mass shadow was eventually revealed to be a Nihil Stormship traveling through hyperspace on a Path, a highly unusual means of hyperspace travel allowed via their secretive Path engines. The ship in question had been intentionally sent on that route by Marchion Ro, the Eye of the Nihil, with the specific intent that a disaster ensue. Ro later gloated about the catastrophe to the captive Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm, who was being held prisoner aboard Ro's flagship, the Gaze Electric.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

The Legacy Run's last captain was Hedda Casset, a former military officer who had previously served in the Mallust JTF. She kept her crew disciplined and the ship in excellent condition, despite its age. The ship's executive officer was Lieutenant Jary Bowman, who stood watch for Casset when she was making her rounds. Both Casset and Bowman died when the ship's bridge was destroyed. Other crewmembers included the Quermian Cadet Kalwar, who informed Casset of the approaching obstacle. Casset felt that Kalwar was only a bit older than the child Serj Ukkarian.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art of the Eravana which inspired the Legacy Run

The Legacy Run appears in the novel The High Republic: Light of the Jedi, by Charles Soule. It was released January 5, 2021.[1] The starship's design was based on an unused concept for the Eravana created for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[3]

In a preliminary version of the first chapter released in June 2020, the Legacy Run was described as being sixty years old.[4] However, the final version instead states the ship is more than twice as old as Captain Casset.[1]



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