"Perhaps Mandalore needs chaos if it's to become strong once again, and so that we may find a leader worthy of our people."
―Ursa Wren to Fenn Rau[5]

"Legacy of Mandalore" is the sixteenth episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels' third season. It is the fifty-third episode of the series overall. It aired on February 18, 2017, on Disney XD.[1]

Official description[]

Sabine brings the Darksaber to her mother, hoping to recruit Clan Wren to the rebel cause and unite Mandalore.[6]

Plot summary[]

Return to Krownest[]

The episode opens with the Phantom II descending into the planet Krownest's atmosphere. A wary Sabine Wren says welcome home, prompting Ezra Bridger to asks if it is going to be that bad. Sabine tells him that she has not been back to Krownest since running away from the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. Ezra is optimistic that things might have change but Sabine tells him that he does not know her family. Fenn Rau disagrees and says that Sabine's mother is the leader of Clan Wren and is truly loyal to Mandalore. He believes that if she can convince her mother to follow her, all of Mandalore will follow her and the Darksaber.

Sabine then sends a transmission in Mando'a to warn her family of her coming so that they do not shoot her down. A male voice speaks on the intercom before Sabine tells the crew that the Mandalorians are jamming their signals. Outside, Chopper beeps as a flying column of Imperial Super Commandos approaches the Phantom II. The Super Commandos fire rockets from their jetpacks and the Phantom II barely manages to dodge them. When Ezra asks if Sabine told them who they were, Sabine responds that it's probably why they are shooting at them.

Chopper, who is on the Phantom II's astromech socket, finds himself surrounded by two Super Commandos. One of the Commandos disables the ship's main thrusters before leaving. The ailing Phantom II flies low through a snowy forest before Sabine manages to land the craft on the snow. After landing, Rau remarks that recruiting Clan Wren was more difficult than they thought. Kanan Jarrus jokes that Rau wasn't too easy to recruit before telling him to stay out of sight since they might need him later.

Icy reception[]

Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan wait outside the Phantom II as several Super Commandos from Clan Wren arrive to confront the intruders. When Ezra draws his green lightsaber, one of the warriors recognizes him as a Jedi and fired at him. Kanan used his lightsaber and Sabine used her shield projector respectively to deflect the Mandalorian's blaster bolts, knocking the warriors to the ground. Sabine scolded Ezra but he countered that they shot first.

The leading Super Commando recognizes Sabine's voice and orders the Mandalorians to cease fire. The warrior and Sabine take off their helmets. Sabine recognizes the man as her younger brother Tristan Wren, who remarks that she has changed her hair. Sabine tells Tristan that the Jedi are her friends and he agrees to take her to the Wren Stronghold. Tristan warns Sabine that he can't vouch for how she will be greeted by their mother. Chopper watches from his socket as the other Spectres leave with Tristan and the Super Commandos. Chopper informs a waiting Fenn Rau.

Sabine and the others walk through the snow. During the journey, Sabine asks Tristan how he could wear the armor of the Imperial Super Commandos. Tristan responds that she should not have come back. After arriving at the stronghold, Sabine and the others wait below the stairs as Sabine's mother Ursa Wren inspects the visitors. After seeing Sabine with the Jedi rebels, Ursa remarks "so it's true then" and orders her warriors to put the Sabine in a cell.

Sabine tells her mother they need to talk and unsheathes the Darksaber. Ursa is amazed to see the weapon and Sabine introduces Kanan and Ezra to her mother, the reigning Countess Ursa Wren. After Ezra stumbles for words, Ursa tells her estranged daughter that she is not welcome. Sabine responds that she has joined the rebellion. Ursa agrees to tolerate the Jedi presence at their ancestral home if they surrender the weapons. Sabine thinks that the situation went better than expected but Ezra and Kanan are reluctant to part with their lightsabers. Kanan agrees to surrender his weapon if it will help them win the war. Sabine reassures them their weapons will be safe.

Mother and daughter[]

Inside the Wren stronghold, Ursa tells Sabine that their rebel friends will bring the Empire down upon her family and scoffs that the Darksaber is merely a symbol. Sabine counters that the Darksaber unified all of Mandalore in the past and urges them to stand together. Ursa interjects that Sabine's defection has made it hard for her to stop the other clans from destroying Clan Wren. Sabine responds that she left the Galactic Empire to stop them from the weapon she had built to subjugate her people. Ursa counters that the other clans now regard Sabine as a traitor and tells her that Tristan now serves Gar Saxon in order to prove their loyalty and gain some stature.

When Sabine objects that Saxon is a killer, Tristan points out that Saxon is the Emperor's Hand. Sabine counters that Saxon's Super Commandos wiped out the Protectors. In response, Ursa reminds her daughter that the Protectors were executed for treason and vows to execute Fenn Rau, their former leader. Sabine argues that the Protectors were loyal to Mandalore and that the other clans betrayed them. Ursa has had enough and tells Sabine that she wants to preserve her clan. She tells Sabine to walk with her.

After mother and daughter have left, Ezra tries to chat with Tristan and tells him that he did not know that Sabine had a brother. Kanan tells Ezra to let him handle the negotiations. On the balcony, Sabine asks her mother how she could align Clan Wren with the Empire after all the things that the Empire has done. Ursa responds that she did try to rein in the Empire's behavior but found there was little they could do since Mandalore was on its knees after Saxon took over. Saxon gave Clan Wren the choice of siding with him or facing destruction. Ursa also mentions that Sabine's father is a captive in everything but name on Mandalore.

Sabine then asks her mother why she did not try to find her. Ursa responds that she was trying to save her and adds that returning with the Darksaber has put her in more danger. When Ursa asks how Sabine obtained the Darksaber, Sabine responds that she obtained it from Maul without a duel. Ursa thinks that Sabine is not the rightful owner because she did not seize from Maul after a duel. When Sabine says that Kanan taught her how to use the Darksaber, Ursa chastises her daughter for her selfishness.

Sabine responds that her mother place politics and power over her own family. Ursa counters that she did everything for her family but Sabine tells her that it was about control. Ursa tells Sabine she takes after her father, who was a warrior. Ursa thinks that Sabine did not turn out the way she had hoped but Sabine responds that she is still her daughter. She then tells her mother that the rebels are planning to strike their first major blow against the Empire to show that they can be defeated.

Ursa asks if the rebels are more than one Jedi and a child. Sabine adds that the rebels are growing stronger every day and stresses that she is loyal to Mandalore. She tells her mother that Mandalore needs a strong leader and asks her "to trust her like I trust you." Tristan then arrives to tells their mother that she is being summoned by Gar Saxon. In private, Tristan asks Sabine how things are going. Sabine says that their Mom has not changed. Tristan invites his sister for a sparring practice which she accepts. In the forest, Fenn Rau spies on the proceedings in the Clan Wren stronghold.

The test of family[]

In private, Ursa communicates via hologram with Governor Gar Saxon. Fenn Rau uses the scanner inside his helmet to spy on the conversation. Ursa tells Saxon that her daughter Sabine has come home. When Saxon asks about Sabine's rebel friends, Ursa tells her that she came with two Jedi. Saxon tells her that this is good and orders her to keep them there till he comes. Ursa tries to vouch for her daughter but Saxon reassures her that Clan Wren will be "well taken care of."

Ursa goes for a meeting with the Jedi while Fenn Rau sneaks into Ursa's chamber. After knocking out a guard, he recovers Kanan and Ezra's lightsaber. Back in the throne room, Ursa tells the Jedi she knows her daughter better than them and that Sabine is just a child. Kanan responds that Ursa is underestimating the woman that Sabine has become. Ezra then asks why Clan Wren is siding with the Empire. An angry Ursa tells Ezra that he has no idea what he is talking about. Ezra responds that Sabine was telling the truth about the Protectors and she fought Gar Saxon on the Concord Dawn. Ezra adds that Saxon was proud that he had wiped out the Protectors. Ursa is shocked to learn that her daughter fought the Governor. Ezra vouches for Sabine and Ursa says that what she has to do will be unfortunate.

Meanwhile, Tristan is sparring with Sabine with metal rods in the sparring room. Sabine compliments her brother for practising with her. When Sabine asks if he thinks that she is a traitor, Tristan responds no but tells her that her defection caused the other clans to view their family as traitors. Tristan tells Sabine that her decision caused them to lose power in the capital of Sundari as well as their respect. Tristan vows to restore his family's name and to protect their father. Sabine argues that Saxon can't be trusted but Tristan tells her that Ursa has traded the Jedi for their safety.

The double-cross[]

Sabine runs back to the throne room only to discover that her mother is about to turn Ezra and Kanan over to Gar Saxon and his Imperial Super Commandos. Sabine protests but Saxon remarks that her mother is loyal, but not to her. A guard then hands the Darksaber over to Saxon. Sabine starts to protest but Tristan tells her it is for the best. Ursa tells Saxon that she has upheld her side of the bargain and pleads for the Governor to leave with the Jedi and the Darksaber and to let her daughter go.

Saxon mocks Ursa for betraying everything just for her own daughter. However, he adds that Ursa consorted with traitors. When Ursa asks what he is talking about Saxon responds that Clan Wren harbored traitors and that makes them a threat to the Empire. On these words, Saxon's entourage raise their weapons, clearly preparing to massacre the clan. Tristan pleads for his family but Saxon forces him to choose between him or dying with his family. As Sabine looks at Tristan and their mother, Tristan decides to choose his family and points his blaster at Saxon.

Showdown on the ice[]

Before Saxon can order his Super Commandos to wipe out Clan Wren and the Jedi, Fenn Rau bursts into the throne room and hands Ezra and Kanan back their lightsabers. A gunfight breaks out with Sabine reminding Ezra to blast only the "guys in white." Ursa shoots one of Saxon's Commandos with her blasters. Sabine shoots another one of Saxon's men. Amidst the skirmish, Ezra throws Sabine his lightsaber. Saxon tries to attack Ursa with the Darksaber but Sabine intercepts his blow with Ezra's lightsaber.

Saxon vows to destroy Clan Wren and the two Mandalorians ignite their jetpacks and fight. The two blast their way out of the fortress and land in the snow, with Sabine damaging her jetpack. Tristan shoots the last of Saxon's Commandos and calls out to his sister. Sabine and Saxon then spar on the ice with their blades. Sabine ducks Saxon's blows while her family, Rau, and the Jedi watch. Ezra tries to intervene but Ursa tells him that Mandalorian law and custom dictates that no one can intervene in a duel. Kanan then asks her if her rites and culture are more important than her own daughter.

As they continue sparring, Saxon ignites his jetpack and fires at Sabine. Sabine deflects his blows with her shield projector and fires her flamethrower at him. She manages to damage his jetpack, forcing him to land on the ice. Saxon tells her that he is impressed but taunts her that her skills will not save her. Sabine jokes that she was about to say the same thing to him. The two then charge for a final clash as the ice beneath them begins to crack. Sabine manages to knock the Darksaber out of Saxon's hand and holds both Ezra's lightsaber and the Darksaber around his neck.

Sabine tells Saxon to yield but he demands that she execute him per Mandalorian tradition. Sabine rejects his request and says that the Mandalorian way is not her way. Tristan and the others watch in shock. As Sabine walks back to her family, she fails to notice Saxon drawing his blaster and freezes in shock as a shot rings out. However, it was not Saxon who fired and he has enough time to glare at Ursa, who holds a smoking blaster, before crumpling to the ice, dead. Sabine is surprised but her mother responds that no one threatens her family. Fenn Rau adds that Saxon is guilty of treason against the throne, collaboration with the enemy, and the execution of his fellow Protectors. He adds that Saxon's death will cause chaos on Mandalore. Ursa responds that Mandalore needs chaos in order to rebuild and to find a worthy leader.

Parting company[]

Later, Chopper arrives with the Phantom II. Ezra jokes that Chopper decided to show up when all the fighting was over. Kanan warns Ursa that the Empire will come after them and offers the rebellion's assistance. Ursa responds that this was the same rebellion that came to her for her people's help. Ursa responds that Mandalore must rise by itself and that her people must protect their own.

Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper are surprised to learn that Sabine will not be coming back with them. Sabine replies that she has had enough of running away. She vows to rescue her father before rejoining the rebellion. Sabine believes that she can do more good here with her family. Kanan tells Sabine that he is going to miss her and the two hug. Sabine thanks both Ezra and Kanan. Sabine, Fenn, and her family watch as the Phantom II departs. Rau tells Sabine that she did well today and that all of Clan Wren saw the woman she had become. Rau thinks that Sabine would make a good Mandalorian leader but Sabine says she does not want that role. Instead, she vows to find Mandalore's true leader.


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