This article is about the Yuuzhan Vong ship. You may be looking for the similarly named Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode Legacy of Terror.

The Legacy of Torment was a Yuuzhan Vong Kor Chokk grand cruiser assigned to Shedao Shai, during his attempt to continue the invasion of the galaxy. It was the size of a Super Star Destroyer.


The Legacy of Torment was the flagship during the Battle of Garqi as well as the Battle of Ithor. However, after Shedao Shai's death, Deign Lian took command of the ship and ordered the destruction of Ithor. Billions of lethal bioweapons were dropped onto Ithor's surface via yorik coral pods, rendering the planet lifeless almost immediately.

Once the planet was rendered lifeless, Lian ordered the Yuuzhan Vong fleet back to Dubrillion. Unknown to the Yuuzhan Vong, New Republic Admiral Traest Kre'fey had ordered the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Corusca Rainbow to Ithor, and he used its gravity well projectors to hold the Yuuzhan Vong fleet near Ithor. Kre'fey then ordered all ships to fire on the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. The New Republic's forces decimated the fleet, and the Legacy of Torment was destroyed. The ship crashed into Ithor, setting off intense, planet-sweeping fires.



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