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Legacy of the Force: Fury is the seventh novel in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series. It is a paperback book by Aaron Allston and was published by Del Rey on November 27, 2007.[2] An exclusive hardcover edition was also published by the Science Fiction Book Club. The audio version is narrated by Marc Thompson. The cover portrays Ben Skywalker.


Publisher's summary[]

Fighting alongside the Corellian rebels, Han and Leia are locked in a war against their son Jacen, who grows more powerful and more dangerous with each passing day. Nothing can stop Jacen's determination to bring peace with a glorious Galactic Alliance victory–whatever the price.

While Luke grieves the loss of his beloved wife and deals with his guilt over killing the wrong person in retaliation, Jaina, Jag, and Zekk hunt for the real assassin, unaware that the culprit commands Sith powers that can cloud their minds and misdirect their attacks–and even turn them back on themselves.

As Luke and Ben Skywalker struggle to find their place among the chaos, Jacen, shunned by friends and family, launches an invasion to rescue the only person still loyal to him. But with the battle raging on, and the galaxy growing more turbulent and riotous, there's no question that it is Jacen who is most wanted: dead or alive.

Plot summary[]

The novel starts off on the planet Kashyyyk as the Wookiees and their new Confederation allies quell the fires spread across the world, first set by the Anakin Solo in the previous novel that sparked the Battle of Kashyyyk. Han Solo helps stop some of these fires aboard the Millennium Falcon while his wife, Leia, works with Waroo for the same goal. The Falcon gets ready to pick Leia and Waroo up when Alema Rar appears in the ship's cabin, looking like she was prior to her duels with Leia during the Dark Nest Crisis. Alema threatens to kill Han when Leia came aboard so that she could watch as her husband dies and Alema would finally take revenge for their duels. However, Han dials down the inertial compensator so that gravity could take over and then he throws the Falcon into wild maneuvers in order to get rid of the Twi'lek as Leia and Waroo board the ship. Leia and Alema fight, despite the difficulty of the multiple gravities set by the dormancy of the intertial compensator, but Leia holds back on actually striking Alema when she strangely senses a double presence of Waroo in The Force and none of Alema. After a brief hesitation the Dark Jedi simply leaves the ship, disappearing. Much later, the Alema Rar Task Force respond after this attack by trying to look for evidence, but after finding none, they come up with the idea that Alema used a dark side apparition of herself to combat Leia, similar to how the late Lumiya had used dark side apparitions to launch the ghost battles back in Legacy of the Force: Betrayal novel. Then they receive a package from an unnamed sender that reveals Mandalorian beskar armor, crushgaunts and a note to use the provided Mandalorian gifts to kill his son after he (Jacen) killed the sender's daughter, indicating that the gift was from Boba Fett. Despite that he is now fighting his son, Han refuses to use them to kill Jacen, but Jagged Fel decides to use provided pieces of material when he finally confronts Alema. Jag also manages to get Jaina Solo to find out that despite her continuous training in preparation to combat Alema and Jacen, she is setting herself up for failure, as she has not been having giving enough time for herself. For getting Jaina to calm down, Zekk decides to soften his relationship with Jag, which makes it all the more comfortable to work with each other as partners.

In the aftermath of escaping Kashyyyk, Darth Caedus continues to strengthen his hold over the Galactic Alliance on Coruscant and makes a plan to cement the Hapes Consortium's loyalty to the GA. Caedus takes a little girl named Tika, who appears a lot like his daughter Allana, with him to Hapes, with Caedus disguised as a shuttle copilot as he arrives on the planet. He kidnaps Allana, replaces her with Tika, and when Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo figures out through the Force that her daughter is being taken, she is too late to stop Caedus as he sets off an explosion in the hangar that prevents Tenel Ka and her guards from saving Allana. After Tenel Ka and the survivors of the explosion recover, Prince Isolder gives Tenel Ka a message from Caedus: if she does not give the Consortium's complete loyalty to the Galactic Alliance, then Allana will die. Tenel Ka decides not to commit the Hapan forces to the GA's loyalty, even to Caedus, but decides to look for Grand Master Luke Skywalker and the New Jedi Order's help in retrieving her daughter. She locates them on the forest moon of Endor, where the new Jedi outpost is located. Meanwhile, the Jedi Masters plot a mission to place a tracking beacon on Caedus's person so that they will be aware of his movements. Master Kyle Katarn decides to lead this mission with three Jedi Knights - Thann Mithric, Valin Horn, and Kolir Hu'lya - and apprentice Seha Dorvald, who was the one who provided the information to Ben Skywalker for his mission to Ziost back in Legacy of the Force: Exile, much to Luke's chagrin. She was also personally founded into the New Jedi Order by Jacen when he found her in the undercity of Coruscant following the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Katarn and the three Knights ambush Caedus outside Senate Building on Coruscant and duel him while Seha, out of sight from the battle, using The Force places an unnoticeable strip of a beacon onto the Sith Lord's cloak. However, despite this success, and while the other two Jedi Knights escape, Katarn is gravely wounded from the battle and Mithric is decapitated by Caedus. Regardless, the survivors of the mission escape, and Caedus resumes his duties as joint Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. Later, following the GA's devastating attack on Commenor, citizens of Commenor bloodline bring about a virus on Coruscant in retaliation for the attack that even affects the already-wounded Katarn, though he would later be cured and healed back on Endor. Despite this, the GA gets a message from Corellia that states that the government wants to broker a deal for their return to Alliance membership. The GA forces, led by Caedus aboard the Anakin Solo, and the Corellian forces meet halfway between Coruscant and Corellia to open talks for a ceasefire between them. With the tracking beacon placed on him, Han, Leia and the Alema Rar Task Force decide to use this as a resource on the New Jedi Order's behalf to look into the memory of the Anakin Solo in order to find out where the Sith Meditation Sphere, which Alema pilots, had set its last coordinates. With this information, they might be able to find Alema and neutralize her. Leia distracts Jacen by talking about the ethics of his actions in taking over the GA government right before Caedus's forces meet up with Corellia's. Leia then uses this as another distraction to return to Han and the Alema Rar Task Force as they gather up their information and leave, tracking Alema down to the Home, located nearby Bimmiel. Then, when talks of a treaty between the GA and Corellia fail predictably, a battle is launched with Corellia's allies in the Confederation dropping out of hyperspace. And during this battle, a StealthX wing task force led by Luke plans to hunt down and kill Caedus while the battle is going on. But the Sith Lord, having suspicions about the same tactics Leia used as he did when he kidnapped Allana and blew up the hangar, he quickly takes Allana and they board a TIE Reconnaissance Fighter to leave the Anakin Solo. As the battle proceeds, Allana senses the deaths of those who are dying in the conflict while Twool, the Rodian member in the StealthX task force, tracks Caedus down and all of the members try to blow him out of space. Caedus assumes that they are tracking him by detecting Allana's open Force presence and he sends out a wave of anger which soon has Luke detect that a little girl is with Caedus. So he pulls the task force away from trying to kill Caedus just as the battle between the GA and Confederation climaxes with a beam of light fired by the reactivated Centerpoint Station back in the Corellian system. Many GA and Confederation forces are killed in the blast, but Caedus, Allana, the Jedi and everyone aboard the Anakin Solo survive. The StealthX pilots jump back to Endor and Caedus heads his forces back to Coruscant. There, he speaks with fellow Chief of State Supreme Commander Cha Niathal into capturing Centerpoint for the GA. Meanwhile, the Corellians are forced to fix the problems with Centerpoint in the aftermath of the shot during the battle, and because the rest of the Confederation was not apprised of Centerpoint getting involved, Confederation Supreme Commander Turr Phennir tells Five World Prime Minister Sadras Koyan that the rest of the Confederation will no longer support Corellia against the GA in the war.

Meanwhile, on the Sith planet of Korriban, a member named Dician proclaims that although Alema Rar is not an actual threat to the One Sith, she does carry the power of casting dark side apparitions, something that can be useful to the order should the need ever arise, or can be turned into a threat against them by even Alema herself should circumstances ever come to that. So Dician is given the starship known as the Poison Moon to go to the Home and extract the information of casting the dark side apparitions from Alema, or at least destroy it. But as the Poison Moon arrives at the Home, so does the Millennium Falcon. The Poison Moon tries to destroy the Falcon while Alema projects the same dark side apparition of her former self to duel Leia on the ship, and the Alema Rar Task Force enters the Home to track down and neutralize her. Alema has another dark side apparition fight Jaina and uses dark side mynocks to busy Jag. But Zekk manipulates the Sith Meditation Sphere into leaving Alema, which it does, and it returns to Ziost, with the Poison Moon following it, but not before the latter ship fires explosives into the Home. Though Dician has not gleamed any information from Alema, she figures that she and her fellow Sith will learn enough from Ship. The Falcon decides not to follow the Moon in order to extract the Task Force, and eventually, Alema dissipates the dark side apparitions against her opponents when she realizes that Ship has abandoned her. Jaina confronts Alema, but Jag appears and tells her to help Zekk straighten himself out, as coercing Ship into leaving Alema has opened him to the dark side of the Force and having him resist the urge to fall back into its embrace. After Jaina leaves for Zekk, Jag confronts Alema, giving her one last chance to surrender, but she Force-jerks his blaster out of his hand and into hers, and then monologues on how she will enjoy his death. But, because the blaster was set to self-destruct after a few seconds of being away from Jag's person, it blows her hand off and Jag proceeds to kill her by snapping her neck with a crushgaunt. But before he does, Alema implants the thought that he will remember her as she was during the Yuuzhan Vong War and prior to the Dark Nest Crisis. Jag says that he will, and then ends her life. Afterward, the Home begins to fall apart from the explosives placed by the Poison Moon, but all three members of the Alema Rar Task Force make it out and survive as the Home is blown up with nothing remaining. Han, Leia and the now disbanded Task Force return to Endor.

In the aftermath of Alema's death, Luke, still under the belief that it was she who killed his late wife Mara, feels satisfied that his wife has been avenged. But his son, Ben, reveals to him that with Mara supposedly "avenged," he is now planning when to die and who to give hold of the New Jedi Order to in his death. Ben explains that this is what the original Jedi Order avoided; attachment, which is what Luke now feels toward his wife as he wants to join her in death, under the belief that she has been served justice. So Luke takes Ben's advice, confronts his feelings over Mara, and decides to let go of his attachment, but not his love. While still grieving over his wife's loss, he does not plan to die anytime soon, as long as the war goes on.

Prior to the GA's mission to capture Centerpoint, Caedus reveals to Allana that he is her father, and she accepts him as someone she loves after initially hating him for kidnapping her. Then, once the GA move in to capture Centerpoint, the New Jedi Order, the Millennium Falcon passengers and their anti-GA/anti-Confederation allies proceed to once again try to kill Caedus and save Allana for Tenel Ka. Han, Leia and Iella Wessiri Antilles save Allana, and when Caedus senses his daughter being taken from him, he retreats from confronting Luke, Ben and Saba Sebatyne, and the latter three also pull out with Han, Leia, Iella and Allana aboard the Falcon, leaving a heartbroken Caedus gasping for breath at the airlock. Meanwhile, Toval Seyah, Kyp Durron and several others, including Valin Horn and Jaden Korr, drop into Centerpoint to destroy it so that neither the GA nor Corellia can have it. Seyah initiates a program that will cause Centerpoint's next shot to destroy itself, and the members of the strike team leave the station. Down on Coronet City, Denjax Teppler gets the rest of the Confederation's help to counter the GA and by promising Supreme Commander Phennir that Prime Minister Koyan will soon be removed from power. Then Teppler tricks Koyan into giving command of Corellia to him and Admiral Genna Delpin, and when Koyan tries to evacuate Centerpoint, he is shot by a GA agent who accidentally set her blaster on kill when it should have been on stun. Koyan dies, leaving Teppler and Delpin in charge of Corellia, similar to the GA being led by Caedus and Niathal. Then Centerpoint blows up when a crazed member nicknamed Vibro attempts to destroy Coruscant due to his hatred of Coruscanti. Caedus, depressed at losing Allana, orders a retreat and returns to the bridge, where he learns one of his officers, Lieutenant Patra Tebut, inadvertently allowed Luke's strike force to board the Anakin Solo. Caedus finally snaps and Force-Chokes Tebut to death in his rage, just like his grandfather did whenever his subordinates failed him years ago; then, with his wrath vented, he retires to his quarters. Elsewhere, the strike teams led by Luke that are against both the GA and Corellia manage to make it out of the Corellian system in time before Centerpoint blew up, and they head to Gyndine to resupply and celebrate on their victory. Han and Leia figure out that Allana is their granddaughter and Jaina decides to go find the man who will help her defeat her brother.


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Behind the scenes[]

In the dramatis personae, Sadras Koyan's name is reversed as Koyan Sadras.

The destruction of Centerpoint Station at the end of this novel would serve as a key plot point in the later series, Fate of the Jedi; when it was destroyed, it not only nearly brought about the apocalypse of Kessel two years later, but it would also allow the release of Abeloth from her prison world.

The thread regarding the Poison Moon's chase of Ship would be resolved through the prologue of Fate of the Jedi: Omen, the second entry to Fate of the Jedi. Ship's fate from hereon in would also determine the fates of Abeloth and the Lost Tribe of Sith for Fate of the Jedi.

A working title for Fury was Rage.[1]

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