The Legionnaire Academy was a facility constructed on the planet Lettow by Legionnaire general, Xendor, as a place where he and like-minded scholars could study the Bogan and other Force-traditions free of interlopers from the Jedi Order.


Constructed sometime in the 24,500s BBY by the Jedi Renunciate Xendor, the academy was erected on the planet Lettow far from the Jedi High Council and Ossus. Home to Xendor and his acolytes, who called themselves the Legions of Lettow, the academy's curriculum focused on Force-traditions such as the Order of Dai Bendu, the Followers of Palawa, the Kashi Mer Guardians of Breath, the Baran Do, and the Chatos Academy. Xendor's academy drew a trickle of interest which quickly transformed into a roaring river. When the High Council declared war on the schismatics, the Legionnaires were forced into a long, drawn out war on many fronts. As the conflict known as the First Great Schism raged on, Xendor was cut down at the battle of Columus and signaled the nearing of the end. Those who remained at the academy were targeted by the Jedi Order's army and its leader, Awdrysta Pina. Holding back the attackers until all surviving Legionnaires could flee the planet, Jedi Master Pina sacked the academy and left it in ruins.[1]



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