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The Legislative Youth Program was a galaxy-wide organization devoted to the education of youths from across the stars interested in entering public service. Some planets, such as the Mid Rim world Naboo, had mandatory service laws which required all citizens to serve in the Program for a certain number of years. The organization therefore oversaw Naboo's mandatory public service curricula, holding their headquarters on the planet in Theed University.


Founded sometime during the Galactic Republic's reign, the Legislative Youth Program spread across the Republic to include countless worlds. The members of the Program met annually for a month-long retreat on Chandrila, in and around the planet's capital, Hanna City. There, the young delegates entered into mock Senate trials in order for the participants to gain first-hand experience working with galactic issues.[3] In 22 BBY, one such trial was held in which the Military Creation Act was voted on. It passed by a margin of 52% to 48%.[2] During the retreat, the members also used to tour Chandrila's vast agricultural projects, wilderness areas, coral reefs, and garden parks (including Gladean Park).[3]

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As described in HoloNet News, the Legislative Youth Program resembles Model United Nations.



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