"Oh, very well, go ahead. We could always use a friend who breathes vacuum and can cross interstellar space by sheer force of personality."
Lando Calrissian[src]

Lehesu was a young adult male of the Oswaft species. The Oswaft species were intelligent, transparent, manta-like creatures that lived in the ThonBoka nebula.


Like the rest of his people, he was from the ThonBoka nebula, but unlike other Oswaft he was quite curious, and ventured outside the nebula to explore. He nearly starved to death in deep space, but was rescued by Lando Calrissian, who rigged a device to allow Lehesu to carry food with him.

On his way home, Lehesu visited Hosrel XI and another system. Attacked by panicked Imperials, he destroyed several dozen fighters. In retribution, the Imperials decided to destroy all life in the ThonBoka, viewing the more than a billion spacefaring Oswaft as a major threat.

Lehesu used a transceiver provided to him by Lando's companion Vuffi Raa to contact the Millennium Falcon and plead for help. Lando responded, ran the blockade, and helped in the defeat of the Imperial fleet at the Battle of ThonBoka. After the crisis was resolved, the Oswaft attempted to appoint him an Elder of their species. However, Lehesu decided to continue exploring the galaxy.



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