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The Lehon system, once referred to as the Rakata system or Star Forge system, was the system in the Unknown Regions containing the planet of Lehon and the Star Forge. It was rediscovered by Revan while looking for the Star Forge in 3959 BBY. The location of the system was unknown for millennia, and was to be deduced only with the help of the ancient Star Maps.

Abo, the star of the system, was feeding the Star Forge, built by the Rakata and placed close to the sun. The system afterward became part of the Galactic Republic. Following the Battle of Rakata Prime, the wreckage of the Star Forge and the vessels lost during the battle made the system difficult to navigate. After the Jedi Civil War, the Republic made the entire Lehon system a protected historical site and dictated that it was not to be entered without permission. This lasted until the Republic Dark Age, when the crumbling government could no longer protect the location.



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