This article is about the fansite devoted to the bikini. You may be looking for for the bikini itself.

Artwork on the fansite's home page, by Grant Gould

Leia's Metal Bikini is a fansite dedicated to Leia Organa's slave costume worn in Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi. It is currently maintained by Jamin Fite.

It include screenshots, photos and fan art of Leia in the bikini, as well as images of fans dressed in their own metal bikini.


  • What's New!-shows new information like new members and member updates
  • Slave Leia Gallery-pictures of Carrie fisher as Leia from onset to offset, also has several other types of images like toys, comic pictures, videogame images.
  • "Friends" Episode-Information and screenshots of "The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy" episode of Friends.
  • Fans in Costume-Members of the site in costume and unknown people in costumes.
  • Fan Artwork-Pictures people made of slave Leia
  • Make a Bikini-Instructions on how to make costume
  • Buy a Bikini-Where to buy costume
  • Mailing List
  • Contact
  • Links
  • Make a Donation

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