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"Princess Leia, here's the result of the project you helped us with. Meet Princess Leia Organa II."
"I know we all like to feel unique, but life can be full of surprises."
―Fandar, presenting Leia Organa II to the original Princess Leia[src]

Leia Organa II was a Human replica droid made of the Human Leia Organa by Project Decoy, headed by designers Fandar and Fugo. She was programmed as an agent of SPIN to pose as Leia during dangerous missions.

Leia II was designed to speak, move, and act like Leia Organa. She was also equipped with powerful blasters that emanated from the pupils of her eyes. During a demonstration, a misfire nearly killed Fandar. Fugo later diagnosed the error as an incorrect sensor rate and blast radius. The droid was also equipped with a homing mechanism that allowed her to detect the original Leia's biorhythms, allowing her to track Leia from great distances.

Leia II was part of a rescue operation mounted after Leia had been captured by Trioculus, who had become smitten with her and hoped to tempt her to the dark side. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, and the Jedi Prince Ken were able to switch Leia for Leia II before the marriage ceremony began. As soon as Trioculus came within range, the droid killed him with a blaster shot. Moments later, Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa retaliated with blaster fire and destroyed her.

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