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"That's just so hurtful."
"See? There you go."
"Go where?"
"That's my point. It's all about you, isn't it? It's always all about you."
―Mon and Leida Mothma[3]

Leida Mothma was a human female Chandrilan from the planet Chandrila and was the daughter of Perrin Fertha and Mon Mothma, who represented their homeworld as its senator in the Imperial Senate. Leida, along with her parents, resided on the Imperial capital of Coruscant, at the Chandrilan Embassy. She favored Chandrilan traditional customs over the politics of her mother, with whom she had a strained relationship. However, Leida did have a good relationship with her father, as well as her mother's cousin, Vel Sartha.


Early life[]

"It's been a long time, and you've certainly grown up."
"So everyone says."
―Tay Kolma and Leida Mothma[4]
Breakfast at Mothmas

Leida Mothma was the daughter of Perrin Fertha and Senator Mon Mothma.

The daughter of Perrin Fertha and Senator Mon Mothma,[1] Leida Mothma was born around 18 BBY,[2] on her homeworld of Chandrila.[1] At a young age, she met the Chandrilan banker Tay Kolma, one of her mother's oldest friends, as well as his sisters, Adrine and Marsa.[4] Mothma also met her mother's cousin, Vel Sartha, whom she affectionately called Aunt Vel.[5] Leida lived with her parents on the planet Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Empire, during the Imperial Era,[3] and spent most of her time there.[1]

On Coruscant, her mother had an established career in politics and worked as Chandrila's representative in the Imperial Senate,[6] but Leida grew upset at her mother's focus on politics and instead[1] became a devout follower of the old Chandrilan customs,[7] which Mon saw as archaic.[1] Holding meetings to practice the old sayings with her equally devout friends, Leida went so far as to track down an elder for the ceremonies.[7] In secret, her mother was working as part of the growing rebellion, which Mon was, at several times, tempted to share with Leida. However, she always decided she could not tell her daughter about the world of rebellion to keep her safe.[8]

Rebellious streak[]

"Is this really how you'd like to start the day?"
"I didn't choose this conversation."
―Mon Mothma and Leida Mothma[3]

In 5 BBY,[2] Leida joined her parents for breakfast at the Chandrilan Embassy, the family's residence. Upon arrival, Mothma backed out of plans for her mother to take her to classes and asked her father to take her instead, as she believed Mon only did it to show off that she was involved. Leida accused her mother of only thinking about herself, then contained her breakfast as Mon left, hurt by Leida's words and Fertha's lack of support.[3]

A few days later, Leida attended a dinner party at the Embassy, wearing a white and silver dress. During the festivities, Mothma spoke to her father, then approached her mother. However, as she spoke to Mon, she introduced her to Tay Kolma, though Leida admitted that she did not remember him. Mothma then asked her mother if she could be excused, as her father had said Leida needed to ask her first. Mon said she could be excused, and, before leaving, Leida told her mother to have fun.[4]

Extended Mothma family

Leida ate with Vel and her parents.

Not long after, Leida attended another party hosted at her family apartment, this time dressed in a golden dress. Leida approached her mother, who was again talking to Kolma, who Leida commented was "here all the time now," with Kolma responding that he was learning to love Coruscant. Mon told Leida that her father was looking for her, and Leida noted that her mother was drinking Chandrilan Squigs, which Mon denied, stating that she had lost her taste for them. Mothma agreed that the drink was disgusting, but Kolma stated that that was the point. Leida then left to find her father, telling Kolma that it was nice to see him again. While her parents talked with some of the guests in the dining room, Leida ate some green-colored sweets.[6]

A few days later, Vel paid a visit to the Mothma family at the Embassy, claiming to have just returned from Tassio Moon and presented Leida a golden gown. When Mon returned home following a disastrous session with the Imperial Senate, Leida excitedly ran up to her to show her the dress. When Mon pointed out that Perrin may not let her daughter wear it, Leida snapped back that her father let her do whatever she wanted. After an awkward moment of silence, Mon told Leida to go try on the dress. Mothma did as she had suggested, and in her absence, Sartha and Mon talked privately. Leida reappeared soon after, dressed in the gown and happily spinning around to show her mother and Vel.[5]

Not long after, Leida ate with her parents and Vel, during which Fertha mentioned Tay Kolma, whom Leida then referred to as Mon's old boyfriend. Mon inquired of Perrin if this was something that he had told Leida, but Perrin merely told Leida that the key word was "old." Mon then corrected her daughter, saying that Kolma was an old friend of hers from grade school. Ledia continued to eat before Vel left, with Mon seeing her out.[5]

Arranged marriage[]


Accompanied by her parents, Leida met the Sculdun family.

The next day, Leida and her friends took part in a traditional Chandrilan ceremony in the dining room of the Embassy, which meant that she could start receiving marriage proposals. While her mother was against it and her father was open-minded on the subject, Leida herself was happy to take part in it as she loved it and the friends she had made during preparations, with Mon claiming that her lessons were the only thing that she showed up on time for. When the ceremony was finished, Leida and the others exited the dining room where Leida was pleasantly surprised to see Vel, who claimed she had returned to see Leida, as the two of them embraced.[7]

Two days later, Leida walked with her parents to meet with Stekan Sculdun, the son of Chandrilan[9] oligarch[10] Davo Sculdun,[9] something which Davo and Mon had arranged in exchange for help to justify the disappearance of 400,000 credits, which Mon had taken out as funding for the growing rebellion.[11]

Personality and traits[]

"Did you eat?"
"When would that have happened? I just came down."
―Mon Mothma and Leida Mothma[3]

Leida Mothma was a human female with long brown hair and brown eyes.[3] Despite spending most of her time on Coruscant, Mothma grew bitter about her mother's political career in the Imperial Senate and instead retreated into the simplicity of Chandrila's traditions. By the time she was thirteen, she was already nursing a rebellious streak.[1] Mothma was weary of her mother's political endeavors and did not have the best relationship with her. She would enlist her father's support to get out of things her mother wanted for her.[3] Although Mothma was well-rehearsed in the formalities of a dinner with many political guests, it did not stop her from making a snide remark at Mon Mothma's friend Tay Kolma.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Leida Mothma made her debut in "The Axe Forgets," the fifth episode of Andor. She was portrayed by Bronte Carmichael.[3] In Star Wars Legends, Mon Mothma's daughter was first mentioned in the Dark Empire Sourcebook, written by Michael Allen Horne published in 1993 by West End Games for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[12] Her first name of Lieda was confirmed in the 2002 reference book The New Essential Guide to Characters by Daniel Wallace.[13]



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