"And to my son, Nield, my treasure, my hope, I leave my love and my undying hatred for the filthy Melida—"
―Hologram of Leidra[src]

Leidra was a female Daan from the planet Melida/Daan. Daughter of Pei and wife of Micae, she was the mother of four sons, the youngest of which was Nield. After leaving five-year-old Nield with his cousin, she left to fight and die in a battle against the Melida one month after her husband and three older sons had died in a similar battle. A hologram of Leidra was placed in a Hall of Evidence over Lake Weir in the Outer Circle region around Melida/Daan's capital city of Zehava.

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  1. In Jedi Apprentice: The Defenders of the Dead, Nield is said to be five years old when his mother dies. Qui-Gon Jinn observes that Nield is "about the same age" as his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi, whose birth year is confirmed to be 57 BBY (StarWarsDotComBlogsLogoStacked.png "Major Character Birth Years" – Keeper of the Holocron's Blog, Leland Chee's StarWars.com Blog (content now obsolete; archived from the original) ). This places Nield's fifth birthday in approximately 52 BBY.
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