"You'll want to talk to a Bothan named Leika. He's chief surveyor for the company King Veruna hired. [...] Leika was preparing to leave Naboo when the Neimoidians sprang their surprise blockade. He tried to reason with them, but as with many other offworlders, he wasn't permitted to leave. No ships in or out, no exceptions. He was in Moenia when the invasion occurred, and no doubt he was caught up in it. So the first place I’d look would be in the closest detention camps."
―Maris Magneta to Darth Maul[src]

Leika was a male Bothan who worked as chief surveyor for a mining company around the time of the Invasion of Naboo. He was medium-sized and possessed a broad nose and beard. The King of Naboo Ars Veruna at one point contracted Leika's company to mine plasma reservoirs in Gungan territory, and Leika was sent to the planet to gather data on Gungan cities. Veruna abdicated before putting his plans into action, yet Leika, intrigued by the mystery of the Gungan cities, continued to work in the field.

The Bothan, obsessed with the project, managed to amass over a year of data on Gungan settlements, but was forced to stop in lieu of the sudden Trade Federation blockade over the planet in 32 BBY, when most of his informants went to the ground. Leika was stationed in the city of Moenia at the time of the blockade, and while attempting to leave the planet, he was detained and taken to Camp Six. Like many foreigners, Leika was not allowed to leave, and was sent to a dormitory shared with twenty Naboo actors, a Rodian wilderness guide, and two Bith musicians. When Darth Maul was dispatched to Naboo to oversee the Trade Federation invasion, he promised to get Leika off the planet in exchange for the information the Bothan had assembled during his duty.

Behind the scenesEdit

Leika appears in the 2012 short story "End Game," written by James Luceno and included in the re-release of the novelization of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.


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