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"Even I've heard of LeisureMech. They risked everything on the success of of their human replica series. Customers didn't take to them, and LeisureMech went under."
Den Dhur[src]

LeisureMech Enterprises was a manufacturer of automated machinery systems and computer-controlled processes. They also operated a small but lucrative droid design division that catered for the high-end of society,[2] producing recreational, entertainment, and luxury droids.[1] The company also catered to the seedier side of the leisure industry, producing cheap droids for gambling establishments.[6] One successful branch of LeisureMech producing security droids was spun off to form Ulban Arms[1] which netted LeisureMech a healthy profit when it was sold off.[6] The company was based in the Corporate Sector.[1]

LeisureMech products included the RH7 CardShark automated sabacc dealer, the C5 bartender droid,[4] and BD-3000 luxury droid.[1] Droids built by LeisureMech were designed with the intention of putting organics at ease[7] including the BD-3000 which was intentionally designed to play on the allure of the female form.[1]

LeisureMech was one of the voting sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority, investing in the endeavor after the signing of the Corporate Sector Charter.[2] LeisureMech went under in the wake of the Clone Wars, risking everything on their human replicant series. Customers did not take to the droids due to Eerie Coulee Disorder, a sense of unease that Humans and Humanoids felt when looking at droids with features that appeared Human, but not quite.[3]



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