"Since Star Wars has become my job, it's been impossible for me to watch the films in the same way again. I'm too busy looking for which background character hasn't been named or trying to figure out how many days it took to fly from Dagobah to Bespin. However, while the actual experience of watching the films has changed for me, my love for Star Wars has not."
―Leland Chee in an interview with Wizards.com[2]

Leland Chee (born March 1, 1971) is the Lucasfilm employee who maintains the Holocron continuity database, a FileMaker database. He was a frequent presence on the former StarWars.com forums, where he went by the screennames "Tasty Taste" and "Leland Y Chee." He was also the main tester for the Episode I video game,[source?] and maintains two other FileMaker databases: the Indycron continuity database, for the Indiana Jones universe, as well as the LFLcron, for other Lucasfilm properties.[3]

After The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of Lucasfilm, Chee, alongside creative executive Pablo Hidalgo, was assigned a job within the newly formed Lucasfilm Story Group, whose main purpose was to eliminate the Star Wars franchise's canon hierarchy and create one cohesive canon.

Chee is friends with Dana Jennings, a writer for StarWars.com. Chee helped Jennings write an article by telling her there was a Sullustan in a scene in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[4]

The character Lechee in Star Wars Resistance was named after Chee. He provided a temporary recording of Lechee's dialogue before Fred Armisen was cast for the role.[5]

Chee wrote "Joh Blastoh," a Huttese song with the same melody as the real-world song "Jingle Bells."[6] The song appeared in the 2020 film The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.[7] The entire song was later released on the Star Wars YouTube channel and is accompanied by lyrics.[8]

Discrepancies explained by Chee[]

  • In the Star Wars: Dark Empire series, Palpatine tells Luke Skywalker that the Battle of Endor was not his first death, and that he had started transferring his spirit into clone bodies years prior to that, when his original body had degenerated as a result of heavy use of the dark side. However, Chee stated that Palpatine was lying to Luke about having died previously, and that Palpatine's demise at Endor was definitely the first time he died, although not the last. Chee also stated that, while Palpatine's clone bodies do degenerate as a result of the strong presence of dark-side energy within them, his original body did not degenerate in the same way, and he only had to start switching bodies periodically as a result of having to use clone bodies following the destruction of his original body at Endor.[9]
  • Chee answered a long-debated question about the number of toes on the feet of Yoda's species. Where some sources depicted three, and some ambiguously five, his official response in the "Ask Lobot" section of Star Wars Insider 122 was four; three in the front and one in the back.[10]

Continuity confirmed by Chee[]

Leland Chay

Leland Chee playing Chay Lelando for the Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: A 3-D Owner's Guide book trailer

As George Lucas was considered the highest level of continuity (known then as G-canon) in Star Wars, any mention by Lucas of a name, character, place, or thing not previously known as canonical seemed to eventually gain that status. This is partly due to the item being added to the Holocron database, if it has not been used in literature or other media beforehand.

After Lucas' interview with Jon Stewart at Celebration V, in which Lucas mentioned that Stewjon and Skywalker wine existed, the two were soon added to the Holocron, as Chee confirmed on his Twitter account.[11]


Notes and references[]

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