Lemayne was a Human male Alderaanian noble who held the title of baron during the New Sith Wars. He founded the mercy organization Grace Command as a cover for his intelligence operations in the service of the Galactic Republic. One of Grace Command's operations included Operation Deluge which involved inundating Sith-occupied space with the spice Deluge to undermine the Sith war effort without having to divert substantial government resources. The operation was conducted under the cover of the mercy organization Grace Command and the supposedly voluntary Starfighters squadron Devil Squadron. In the process, entire civilian populations were inundated with the drug which destabilized entire planets throughout the Grumani sector.

Following the Aquilaris campaign and the Battle of Darkknell, Devaad and Holt came up with a strategy to sabotage Operation Deluge. Devaad would return to Grace Command and claim that she had gotten for distributing the Deluge on Aquilaris Minor. This ensured that Grace Command would continue to send a transport ship which Devaad would personally fly to and from Sith occupied words. En route, she would get rid of the Deluge while returning to the Republic with civilian refugees.

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