Lenico Colony Blue was a medical treatment space station that orbited the planet Lenico IV.


During the time of the Great Galactic War, the station was commanded by the Hutt Baron-Surgeon Ybann. The rogue Sith apprentice Exal Kressh traveled there after she abandoned her master and the Sith apprentice Teneb Kel later arrived there, in search of her. Kel went to speak with Ybann, but the Hutt's security droids attacked the Sith, so he destroyed them. Ybann then apologised, and told Kel that Kressh had traveled to the station weeks earlier and had since disappeared.

However, Kressh was actually being held in stasis on the colony. Upon leaving stasis, she revealed to Kel that she had placed herself in stasis in order to evade the Emperor's mind. The two dueled throughout the station, and Kel was easly over powered. Kel narrowly escaped, and in a last effort to capture Kel, Kressh damaged the colony's orbital stabalizers. As it fell, the colony was burned in Lenico IV's atmosphere


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