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"Sir, Rebel ships are coming into our sector."
"Good. Our first catch of the day."
Lieutenant Cabbel and Lennox, during the Battle of Hoth[src]

Lennox was a captain[2] in the Navy of the Galactic Empire. During the Battle of Hoth, Lennox was aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Tyrant, and a member of Darth Vader's personal Death Squadron. Whilst participating in the Battle of Hoth against the Rebel Alliance, Lennox attempted to intercept the first Rebel GR-75 medium transport to flee from Hoth. However, the Star Destroyer was disabled by several shots from the Rebels' v-150 ion cannon, commanded by Toryn Farr, leaving the ship to float helplessly in space.[1]

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Lennox was played by John Dicks in the 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, the second installment of the Star Wars original trilogy.[1] In Star Wars Legends, the character's first name was Xamuel.[3]



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