"For all the man was a disgrace to his uniform, you had no business killing him."
Iving Creel to "Jaster Mereel"[src]

Lenovar was the son of Purton and Boba Fett's superior officer in the Journeyman Protectors when Fett was living on Concord Dawn under the alias of "Jaster Mereel" during the early years of the Galactic Empire. In 13 BBY, Lenovar was shot to death by Fett after Lenovar raped the latter's wife, Sintas Vel. His murder led to Fett's expulsion from the Protectors and exile from Concord Dawn, as well as the subsequent break-up of Fett's family. When on trial for his life, Boba Fett's only comment on his crime was that he wished he'd killed the man years earlier, and that the universe was a better place without him.

The famous Pleader Iving Creel pled Fett unrepentant for Lenovar's murder.

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