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"He was a powerful student. Even after he left, he was regarded with respect."
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Leor Hal was a male Human Jedi Padawan who served the Jedi Order during the Galactic Republic's Golden Age.


A Force-sensitive Human, Leor Hal was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order at its Coruscant Jedi Temple. During his training as a Padawan, Hal developed the Potentium and established a sizable following of fellow apprentices. Having formed a cult in the eyes of the Jedi High Council, Hal's followers were cast out from the Temple circa 132 BBY, causing him to renounce his training in protest and leave as well.[2]

Without his followers, Hal wandered through space for years until he eventually found the living planet Zonama Sekot. In 89 BBY, he encouraged groups of Ferroan and Langhesi colonists to settle on the planet, and he made himself the first Magister of the planet. During his time there, Hal discovered the being Sekot, with whom Hal formed a symbiotic relationship with and used this to help transform the planet into a thriving manufacturing organ. Having imprinted his own philosophy of the Force on Sekot and the settlers, Hal began the Zonama Sekot Shipbuilders and the planet began manufacturing hyperdrives beneath the planet's surface as well as the rare living ships the planet was famed for.[3]

Following his death, the citizens of Zonama banned speaking the name of their leader in reverence to his great deeds. Taking up the reigns of governance, Hal's son led the planet from his distant palace for sometime until the arrival of the Far Outsiders. Unbeknownst to the Zonaman people, the Magister and his palace were destroyed, with Sekot crafting a hologram to report to his people and maintain the calm of the populace.[1]



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