Leoz was a Nikto pirate in Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Leoz wearing stormtrooper armor

A member of the Warbird gang, Leoz[2] stood behind Gorr when he talked to their First Order superiors after a failed attack on the Colossus.[3] Later on, he took part in a second raid on the refueling station. During the attack, he was stealing a small crate when Tamara Ryvora rammed a repulsor carrier into him, sending him crashing into the wall. Ryvora left him sprawled across the floor as residents of the Colossus came to seize the contents of the carrier.[1] Later, after the Warbirds had allied with the Colossus, Leoz placed a curse on Kazuda Xiono after being angered by the pilot's winning streak on a gambling game Xiono had been invited to play because the pirates thought he'd be easy pickings. Xiono later got back at Leoz by giving him a talisman he'd gotten from Mika Grey, which he claimed was itself cursed.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Leoz had orange skin, one blue eye, the other being covered with an eye patch. He was considered a sore loser, willing to place alleged curses on people who had defeated him in games of chance. Leoz was also superstitious, using a pair of dice he considered good luck while gambling as well as believing in curses.[4]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Leoz wore part of a stormtrooper helmet that covered the lower half of his head, as well as some of the rest of the armor.[1] His armor had the Warbird logo painted on it. Leoz's left eye was covered with an eyepatch.[2]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Leoz first appeared in "The Triple Dark", the second episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One.[3] He was not identified until the season 2 episode "Kaz's Curse", where he was voiced by Steve Blum.[2] In the original script for "Kaz's Curse," the one who placed the curse on Kazuda Xiono was originally going to be a Hassk pirate named Vusk until the crew opted to use Leoz instead.[5]

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