The lepusa were a species of herbivorous creatures that originated on the planet Freliq. During the colonization of the planet, the lepusa were viewed as vermin, because they ate most of the crops the colonists had planted. For this reason, many of the creatures were killed.

In 20 BBY, a great debate arose between the colonists who saw sentience in the eyes of the lepusa, and xenobiologists from other planets who said the creatures were just vermin and that the colonizers were merely sentimental about the animals. The colonists defended the innate intelligence and supposed sentience of the lepusa by pointing to their ability to learn, for example, by learning to keep away from the colonists' crops.

At some point, a lepusa saved the life of Jullisa Senerio, who had nearly fallen off a cliff, by taking a rope and lowering it to the farmer's daughter and pulling her up.

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