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"The second is this individual seen in various regrettably garbled transmissions intercepted by the Leresai Assembly."
―Stellan Gios[src]

The Leresai Assembly was an organization active during the High Republic Era. The Assembly intercepted several garbled transmissions of Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro, which it passed on to the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic, who were attempting to hunt down the Nihil pirates. Unaware of Ro's identity or that he had been the Eye all along, Jedi Master Stellan Gios presented the Leresai Assembly's images of Ro at a briefing where the Jedi were attempting to deduce who might have taken over as Eye after the presumed death of Lourna Dee, who had been mistakenly assumed to hold the position.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Leresai Assembly was first mentioned in the ninth issue of the comic book series Star Wars: The High Republic, written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Ario Anindito, and published by Marvel Comics[1] on September 1, 2021.[2] The Assembly shares its name with the Leresai, a sentient species from the Star Wars Legends continuity.[3] As the comic book's dialogue was written in all-capital letters, the exact capitalization of "Leresai Assembly" is unknown.[1]


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