Lethan Twi'leks were Twi'leks who had the rarest of all skin colors: red. This was caused by a mutation in their genetic code. Although rare in the galaxy, there were many female Lethan Twi'leks on Naos III.

Shakka, Alora, Kelad'den, Fa'ale Leh, Yadira Ban and Darth Talon were Lethan Twi'leks. Senator Orn Free Taa also had one who acted as his consort and aide. B'ink Utrila, Yadira Ban and Zhar Lestin were all examples of Lethan Jedi, Zhar even being a Jedi Master and teaching Revan, while Darth Talon and Darth Ruyn are examples of a Lethan Sith.

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