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Letta Turmond was a human female citizen of the planet Coruscant. She was an anti-war activist whose radical beliefs led to her participation in the bombing of the Jedi Temple during the Clone Wars. Barriss Offee, the Padawan who masterminded the attack, choked Turmond to death in order to hide Offee's involvement.[3] Ahsoka Tano was then framed for the murder, before Offee's involvement was discovered.[6]

She was married to the Abyssin Jackar Bowmani, a munitions expert and foreman who worked at the Jedi Temple. The two lived together in an apartment.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Turmond was motivated to help bomb the Jedi Temple by the belief that the Jedi were warmongers. Her participation in the attack was to draw attention to what she felt was the hypocrisy of the Jedi Order during the war.[3]

Turmond had dark hair and tan skin. She had several tattoos on her face.[4]

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