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"There are some citizens of the Republic, like myself, who believe the Jedi Order is not what it used to be. The Jedi have become warmongers. They have become military weapons. And they are killing when they should be keeping the peace."
―Letta Turmond to Ahsoka Tano, explaining her motives[src]

Letta Turmond was a Human female who lived in the final years of the Galactic Republic during the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars.[2] She was married to the Abyssin Jackar Bowmani.


During the Clone Wars, Letta Turmond was the wife of Jackar Bowmani, an Abyssin who worked for the Jedi Order as a munitions expert. Around 20 BBY, Turmond started to become unimpressed with the Jedi, considering them to have become soldiers and weapons. Conspiring with a mysterious Jedi, she fed her own husband nano-droids in his food.[3][4] The explosive nano-droids transformed Bowmani into a walking bomb which effectively exploded in a hangar of the Jedi Temple. The explosion caused the deaths of six Jedi, and many Temple workers and clones, and injured many more.

While the Jedi were investigating the attack, Turmond was protesting against the war at the entrance to the Jedi Temple. Identifying her husband in a hologram that Anakin Skywalker was showing to Cin Drallig, Turmond was brought into the Temple for questioning. Expressing concern about her husband, Letta found out that the Jedi suspected him of bombing the Temple. She denied that her husband could have been involved in the bombing and was released by the Jedi.

However, after a deeper investigation into the bombing by Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, they discovered that Bowmani had been blown up by nano-droids in his bloodstream. Skywalker and Tano proceeded to Turmond's house to see if they could find any traces of the nano-droids. None were found on Turmond, but they were present in the food, so Skywalker and Tano decided to take Turmond back to the Temple for more questioning.

Once outside her residence, she attempted to escape the Jedi, knocking Tano over and jumping on a passing vehicle. Hopping from vehicle to vehicle, she was pursued by Tano and Skywalker. After becoming trapped by the two Jedi in an alley and under increased suspicion due to a slip of her tongue, Turmond admitted to feeding the nano-droids to Bowmani.[3]

She was taken into custody by the Jedi, but was later moved to a Republic military base. From prison, Turmond requested to see Tano, refusing to talk to anyone else. She explained to Tano, that it was a Jedi, dissatisfied with the war, who had given her the idea to feed Bowmani the nano-droids. This Jedi wanted to make a statement to the Republic that the Jedi should not be leading the military effort. Turmond feared that she was in danger from this Jedi and only agreed to tell Tano their name if Tano protected her. However, before she could reveal the Jedi's name, she was Force-choked by Barriss Offee. Tano attempted to save Turmond, but was unsuccessful and Turmond was killed.

Clone Commander Fox, who had seen the exchange on the security footage and believed Tano was choking the prisoner, arrived at the scene after Turmond was killed and arrested Tano for the murder.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Letta Turmond was an unassuming individual who hid her true extremist nature well. During the Clone Wars, she became disgusted and angry by how she and others perceived the the war had corrupted the Jedi Order. Letta believed the Jedi had become warmongering weapons and had strayed from their true purpose of keeping peace in the galaxy. She no qualms about using murder and terrorism to make a statement on her views. It was for this reason that Bariss Offee used and manipulated Letta to her own ends.

Letta was also a decent actor in that she faked distress and angry at the Jedi's accusations towards her husband Jakar. However, given that Letta murdered Jakar in such a horrendous and deceptive way, it's unclear whether she ever truly loved him.[5]



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