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Level 1313 was a level on the metropolitan world of Coruscant, so named because it was located one thousand, three hundred, and thirteen levels from the core of Coruscant, which was accessed by the underworld portal. It was part of Coruscant's criminal underworld and was the location of numerous crimes.[5] 1313 was Coruscant's most infamous level, a dungeon so deep that the world above forgot about it, filled with shattered conduits, fungus on the walls, and criminal gangs.[6] Trace and Rafa Martez lived on level 1313 until they became indebted to Pintu Son-El[4] and left the planet in the former's ship with Ahsoka Tano.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Originally, Level 1313 was developed by George Lucas for the unproduced Star Wars live-action television series along with the character Saw Gerrera. However, due to budget concerns, the series was put on hold and Level 1313 was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[8] It was also the setting of the cancelled video game, Star Wars: 1313.[9]



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