"The guy said he knew someone on Level 1997 who might give us shelter."
―Anandra Milon tells her brother about Level 1997[src]

Level 1997 was a shady level of the city-planet Coruscant. Anandra Milon and her brother Santigo Milon met a pair of criminals there to discuss employment, but ended up having to flee the encounter when Imperials arrived at the cantina where the meeting was taking place.


Level 1997 was a level on the city-planet Coruscant, located above Level 1996. The level contained a large number of industrial compactors, which would give off sparks into the streets of the area. At least one cantina was built on the level, and there were also a number of entertainment businesses that advertised with pastel pink and blue signs. The level smelt of soot and Human waste.[1]


During her childhood, Anandra Milon, a resident of Level 3204 originally from the planet Alderaan, visited the level in secret for a dare with her school friends, and took a holocam image before traveling back home. She later returned to the level at the age of sixteen, after the destruction of her homeworld, which had resulted in the Galactic Empire attempting to arrest or relocate all people from Alderaan on Coruscant. On Level 1997, she and her brother Santigo Milon met with a Pau'an criminal and his Herglic partner in a cantina where the criminals offered Anandra a job as a delivery girl.[1]

After refusing the job, as it would require being separated from her young brother, Anandra and Santigo were forced to flee when a stormtrooper and a member of the Coruscant underworld police entered the cantina. The stormtrooper gave chase, and followed the children down to Level 1996. The Herglic also followed and eventually killed the trooper to held Anandra.[1]

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Level 1997 first appeared in One Thousand Levels Down, a short story written by Alexander Freed and published in Star Wars Insider 151 in 2014.


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