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The Leveler was a modified Acclamator-class assault ship that served in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars, captained by Gilad Pellaeon.[2]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Leveler was modified from the stock Acclamator-class assault ship. It was shorter than other Acclamators.[5] It also did not have a flat ventral hull[2] and was equipped with concussion missiles for ship-to-ship combat. The Leveler was the first of its class to have a hangar bay, which was located on the underside of the ship,[2] similar to later warships. The Leveler also was equipped with experimental concussion missiles sometime during 22 BBY.[5]

History[edit | edit source]

The Leveler was constructed sometime during the early stages of the Clone Wars after the success of the Acclamator-class assault ships deployed at the Battle of Geonosis.[6] It was captained by Gilad Pellaeon throughout the war. After a few months of war, the Leveler was sent to the Kemla Yard for a refit. The ship was fitted with advanced concussion missiles and was tasked with testing these prototype systems. During the three-day shakedown cruise, Captain Pellaeon allowed Clone Captain CT-7567, also known as "Rex", to bring aboard new clone troopers and Ahsoka Tano for acquaintance of their new class. After emerging in the Fath system, Pellaeon's first Lieutenant Rumahn informed of a CIS fleet nearby. Pellaeon then took the Leveler in closer to investigate.[5]

It shipped the clone commandos of Omega Squad off to Gaftikar to participate in the overthrow of the local Separatist government.[3] The ship also participated in the Battle of JanFathal after a refit. During the Battle of JanFathal, Leveler was tasked to rescue Republic spy Hallena Devis.[5]

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The ship was part of a task force that fought at Merson, and was driven off by superior Separatist forces.[2]

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