The Leveler I was a self propelled medium concussion missile launcher produced by Bryn & Gweith.


The Leveler I comprised twenty-eight concussion missile tubes arranged in a four-by-seven array mounted on a heavy-track chassis. The tubes had several fire modes, including individual fire, seven tube salvos, or full launch of all twenty-eight. The design of the Leveler I meant that no ammunition that was not loaded into the twenty-eight tubes was carried. Instead, a repulsorlift ammo wagon was employed, and reloading of the weapon was handled manually. Designed for artillery support, the Leveler I featured minimal shielding and no defensive armament. To fire on targets over the horizon, the Leveler I employed a dedicated energy receptor that relayed target information to the crew's holodisplay so the fire modes such as narrow, medium, or wide, could be programmed in.[1]


The Leveler I was designed by Bryn & Gweith, a subdivision of CoMar Combat Systems, as a fortified long-range siege weapon. It was standard issue to assault forces of the Imperial Military, although the inability of the tracked chassis to deal with certain extreme weather conditions was a cause of complaint.[1]


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