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"Sith interdictor ship! They must have been waiting for us in the hyperspace route! We're caught in their tractor beam!"
"Do you recognize the ship?"
"It's the Leviathan. Saul Karath's vessel. My old mentor."
―Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan as the Ebon Hawk is detained[1]

The Leviathan was an Interdictor-class cruiser that served the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian Wars. By the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War, it had become the flagship of the former Republic Admiral, Saul Karath, as he served the Sith Empire of Darth Revan and, later, Darth Malak. The vessel was involved in a number of key battles in the latter conflict, including the Attack on the Endar Spire and subsequent blockade of Taris, as well as the skirmish that saw the death of its commander.


As with the other capital ships of the Sith fleet, the Leviathan was originally a Republic Navy vessel. Apparently a distant technological ancestor of the later Star Destroyers, Leviathan was one of many similarly designed ships commissioned by the Republic for the Mandalorian Wars. The Leviathan was the only ship of its class to come out of the Corellian shipyards spaceworthy.[2]

The Leviathan was a 600-meter-long Interdictor-class cruiser, capable of wrenching ships out of hyperspace with the use of its four gigantic gravity-well projectors. While primitive by later standards, it was the pinnacle of interdiction technology in its time. It was also equipped with 20 quad laser cannons, a tractor beam projector, four turbolaser batteries and two ion cannons.

The Leviathan chases the Ebon Hawk over Manaan.

Brought into the service of the Sith by the defector Saul Karath,[2] the Leviathan housed two squadrons of Sith fighters. It was likely the vessel from which Darth Malak attacked his master's ship, and rendered him unconscious before he was captured by the Jedi. Later, during Malak's search for Bastila Shan, he used the Leviathan's quad laser cannons to destroy much of Taris's Upper City.

The tractor beam was utilized in another attempt to capture Bastila Shan, and also the reformed Revan, in which the beam was used to help board the Ebon Hawk and capture the two Jedi, who were taken to the prison block. After an intense interrogation, Revan eventually escaped and made his way to the bridge, which was located next to the command deck. The door to the bridge had been sealed, but Revan and his companions donned space suits and used an airlock that led to an external walkway that had access to the bridge. Once they secured the bridge, Revan, Bastila Shan and Carth Onasi killed Admiral Karath and deactivated the tractor beam holding the Ebon Hawk in the hangar. As Revan and his companions attempted to escape, they encountered Malak, and a lightsaber duel ensued between Master and apprentice. Malak ultimately gained the upper hand by catching Revan in Force stasis. Bastila, however, prevented Malak from killing Revan and insisted on holding off Malak so that both Revan and Carth could escape.

A view of Leviathan engines.

The Leviathan was likely destroyed during the battle of Rakata Prime, as its computers listed the Star Forge as its destination when Revan sliced the systems to enable the Ebon Hawk to escape.

After the loss of the Leviathan, the Ravager and many other "proto-Star Destroyers" to Revan and Malak's Sith Empire, the Republic abandoned the design, possibly due to lack of resources, and instead used capital ships more aesthetically in line with the peaceful ages of the Republic, such as the Hammerhead-class cruiser.

Behind the scenes[]

A side view of Leviathan.

At Taris, Darth Malak's conversation with Saul implies that there is an entire fleet orbiting the planet, but the Leviathan is the only cruiser that can be seen. This is true of the movies of the destruction of Taris, as well as the view from the bridge of the Leviathan. However, while manning the gun turret on the Ebon Hawk, a fleet of twelve ships is visible in orbit around Taris. These are clearly too large and immobile to be fighters. Judging from their shape, they appear to be Sith Interdictor Cruisers, the same class of ships as the Leviathan.

According to John Jackson Miller (who, however, was not involved in the development of the game), the name Leviathan was borrowed from the United Kingdom Royal Navy 18th-century Leviathan-class ships, whose design was based on the captured French 74 gun warship Courageux.[3] The latter name was used by Miller in the KotOR comic series for the Courageous, Saul Karath's battleship in 3964 BBY (which, however, was not of the same design as the Leviathan).



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