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Lieutenant Lewis served the Galactic Empire as an officer during the Galactic Civil War. When Imperial Major Lariss confronted the ruling Rajah of the planet Virujansi during the world's takeover by the Empire, Lewis fulfilled the traditional Virujansi role of Conciliator for Lariss, pointing out the potential merits of the Rajah's comments during the meeting between the local ruler and the major.


Lewis was a male officer of the Galactic Empire. During the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, he held the rank of lieutenant. When the Empire took over the[1] Inner Rim[2] planet[3] Virujansi with the intention of supplanting that world's ruling Rajah and the Royal Court with Imperial officials, Lewis accompanied Major Lariss, the leader of the Imperial operation.[1]

At Virujansi's Palace of Splendid Harmony, the site of the Rajah's throne, Lariss intended to decide the fate of the deposed local ruler. Per Virujansi protocol, during Lariss's meeting with the Rajah, Lewis was to perform the traditional Virujansi role of Conciliator. As such, Lewis's duties included pointing out the possible merits of the Rajah's comments—as relayed by the Royal Court—as well as reformulating the comments in a way that could be acceptable to Lariss.[1]

Unbeknown to Lariss and the other Imperials present, the Rajah and the Royal Court had previously been secretly spirited away from Virujansi by the Rebel Alliance and were being impersonated by a team of Rebel[1] soldiers.[3] The undercover Rebel team eventually angered Lariss enough for the officer to order their exile to the[1] Mid Rim[4] prison moon Captivity—infiltrating which was actually a part of the Rebels' mission to rescue political prisoners valuable to the Alliance.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Lewis was an individual with a slight build. His speech was rapid yet clear.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Lewis was proficient in the usage of blaster weapons, possessed knowledge of various cultures, and was a skilled bargainer.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Lewis appeared in "To Free the Forgotten," a roleplaying game adventure published in the 1989 The Star Wars Rules Companion for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The adventure was written by Greg Gorden, who developed it from a story by Steve Gilbert and Michael Stern.[1]

"To Free the Forgotten" presents several options for how the player-characters' interaction with Lewis and Major Lariss might proceed. Lariss may eventually order the player-characters to be either executed, confined to house arrest, or exiled to the moon of Captivity. The player-characters may also initiate a firefight with the Imperial stormtroopers present. This article assumes the scenario plays out as described.[1]


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