"He made the mistake of betraying the Emperor. He tried to deliver some secret plans to the Rebel Alliance. The Emperor had him killed."
―S'ybll posing as Frija Torlock[src]

Lexhannen Torlock was the Imperial Governor of the planet Corulag. He was incredibly paranoid and believed that the Rebels were planning to capture Corulag. Torlock put all his money into increasing the defenses of the planet, but he also put a substantial amount into devising an escape route. In secret, he hired the Imperial scientist, Massad Thrumble to create Human replica droids of himself and his daughter Frija.[2][1]

Unfortunately for Torlock, the attack did not come from the rebels, but from his own daughter. Frija wanted to rule Corulag herself and devised a plan alongside Torlock's most trusted confidant, Admiral Droon, to implicate Torlock as a traitor. Torlock learned of the plan and fled off-world. Before leaving he activated the two droids to act as decoys. Admiral Droon's men captured the false Torlock and discovered that the real Torlock had departed Corulag. Droon's men used a hologram of Torlock to give the appearance that their Governor had not left the world. The ruse also succeeded in capturing the droid with the resemblance of Frija.[1]

At the same time, Darth Vader had sent his agent, Wrenga Jixton to deal with Torlock who he believed was a traitor. Vader eventually learned of how Torlock had been wrongfully fingered, and he executed Droon for his treachery.[1] Sometime after the Battle of Hoth, the mind-witch S'ybll posed as Torlock's daughter in order to gain Luke Skywalker's trust. While posing as Frija, S'ybll told Skywalker that Lehannen had been executed after betraying the Empire. However, due to the ruse, it was unknown if this information was reliable.[3]



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