"Believe me, I'll be happy to get away from your kind."
―Lexhannen, to Wrenga Jixton, expressing his dislike for organic beings[src]

A male Human replica droid, Lexhannen was one of two droids created to mimic the real Imperial Governor Lexhannen Torlock and his daughter, Frija.


Lexhannen and his "daughter" were created by the scientist, Massad Thrumble. The droids were created for Governor Torlock as a precaution should the Rebellion ever attack Corulag. Unfortunately for Torlock, the attack did not come from the Rebels, but from his own daughter, who planned to assume control of Corulag with her paramour, Admiral Droon. Torlock activated the two HRDs and fled the planet while the droids acted as decoys.

Eventually, the two droids were split up, and Admiral Droon's men captured Lexhannen. Droon quickly learned that Lexhannen was not what he appeared and had his technicians search Lexhannen's memory. Their search turned up that Lexhannen had a daughter, and Droon put together a search party to capture the droid. Lexhannen was kept in Droon's dungeon while Droon's men searched for the droid. The Imperials eventually caught the false Frija and Droon planned to stage a fight which would "kill" Lexhannen and erase all evidence of the two HRDs. Droon would then replace Torlock as the new Imperial Governor of Corulag. Droon hired Black Sun assassins to pose as Rebels in the false fight.

Unfortunately, Droon did not plan on the interference of Darth Vader and his agent, Wrenga Jixton. Jix killed the assassins and saved Frija. With the droid's help, he unraveled the conspiracy, rescued Lexhannen, and captured Admiral Droon. Jix brought his prisoner and the two droids back to Coruscant. Jix then refueled their ship and told them to find a remote planet and stay there. Lexhannen was eager to leave organics behind, but allowed his daughter to give one last goodbye to Jix. The two then left for the Outer Rim Territories, finally settling on the ice planet of Hoth.

After arriving on the ice planet, Lexhannen destroyed their communications devices and created a shelter for himself and Frija to live out the rest of their days. However, Frija was not content to live the rest of her days in isolation, and she bugged her father for some companionship, forcing Lexhannen to continually remind her of the evils of organic beings. Lexhannen's lessons had little effect, and one day, Frija brought in the droid C-3PO and his master, Luke Skywalker, back to their shelter.

The two had crash landed on Hoth, and Frija, desperate for a companion, had saved the two. Lexhannen became angry with Frija, ordering her to dismantle the droid for parts and throw Skywalker back out into the cold. Skywalker was not about to be frozen to death and attacked Lexhannen, stripping him of his weapons. He devised a plan to combine his damaged communicator on his ship with the droids' damaged communicator and signal the Rebellion. He imprisoned Lexhannen in a supply closet and put C-3PO on watch. Then he and Frija departed to retrieve the damaged communicator from Luke's crashed ship.


Lexhannen is struck down by Luke Skywalker.

However, Lexhannen had more tricks up his sleeve, and he retrieved one of his hidden weapons to free himself. Lexhannen then made after Frija and Skywalker to stop the transmission. When Lexhannen arrived, he tried to kill Skywalker with a blaster, but Frija saved him from the shot. In the ensuing firefight, Lexhannen learned that Skywalker had repaired the communicator, and he aimed for the device. Unfortunately, Lexhannen's aim was off, and his shot hit his daughter in the back, severely damaging her internal parts.

Lexhannen was overcome with grief and blamed Skywalker for his daughter's death. Firing wildly, Lexhannen tried to kill the young Jedi. With no other choice, Skywalker struck down Lexhannen with his lightsaber. The attack also revealed that the Lexhannen and his daughter were HRDs. Skywalker buried the two droids on Hoth before the Millennium Falcon arrived to rescue himself and C-3PO.



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