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"This poor example should not dictate sweeping policy changes. Do not let the actions of two corrupt Senators paint the entire body as corrupt."
―Lexi Dio, about the scandal following the Battle of Duro[2]

Lexi Dio was a Human female Senator who represented Uyter in the Galactic Senate of the Republic before and during the Clone Wars.


Senator Dio represented the agricultural world of Uyter, and was a member of the Loyalist Committee.[3] She was surrounded by a group of Uyter-born advisors, including Half'Pel Sen, Benet Pryer, Tavah Whey Term and Mages Jink.[4]

In 22 BBY, shortly before the Clone Wars, Senator Dio attended a fundraiser in favor of the Refugee Relief Movement held at the Xenvaer Civic Auditorium on Alsakan. The journalist Dyslogia Twang described her look as "atrocious" and "infratacky".[5]

She was strongly opposed to the Military Creation Act, as the people she represented were apprehensive about giving so much power to the central government.[4]

Dio was in Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office when Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala retransmitted a message sent by Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi to warn the Republic that the Confederacy of Independent Systems had built an army of droids on Geonosis.[6]

During the Clone Wars, Senator Dio continued to oppose limiting the power of the Galactic Senate, especially in the crisis following the Battle of Duro in 20 BBY.[2] Sometime later, she was assassinated and replaced by Malé-Dee.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Lexi Dio was portrayed by Nicole Fantl. In the 2009 Star Wars Annual, her name is misspelled as "Lexie Dio".



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