Lhosan Industries was a swoop bike-manufacturing corporation that employed many people in the Lower City on Taris. It produced dozens of models of swoop bikes of all sizes and configurations. Although purchasers often customized the stock units, creating a rich aftermarket culture, Lhosan still provided first-class products that were adored by many throughout the galaxy.

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In 3966 BBY the Tarisian resource worlds of Jebble, Vanquo, Tarnith, and Suurja were threatened by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. In a move that demonstrated the power and influence of the company, the chairman Jervo Thalien worked with Haydel Goravvus to ensure the acceptance of Taris into the Galactic Republic to protect the planet and its supporting resource systems in the region. The plan succeeded and resulted in the formation of the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line.

In 3964 BBY, in response to the Padawan Massacre, the company announced their plan to move operations offplanet in hopes of finding a safer location. This caused the ruination of half the denizens of the Lower City, who entered into an orgy of destruction when the news broke out. Ultimately Goravvus thwarted Thalien, enabling the company to become a strong supporter of the war and the Republic.

During the Siege of Taris, their building near Machineville was abandoned, and later occupied by Basilisk war droids before being destroyed in the fighting. The quick move from Taris slowed and hampered their production in the following months, and the Mandalorian onslaught itself reduced the immediate demand for their product.

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