"Care to take a look at our ordnance?"
―Li'lith questions a potential customer.[src]

Li'lith was a female Human who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War between the Sith and the Galactic Republic. She was stationed on the Sith homeworld of Korriban, where she served the Empire as a vendor, working out of a tent near the Sith Academy, selling items such as targeting devices and blue sparkle powder. Li'lith had pale colored skin, brown hair and blue eyes. During her time as a vendor, she wore a gray Imperial uniform and used a datapad.[1]

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Li'lith first appeared in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a MMORPG released by BioWare in 2011. In the game she acted as a social items vendor on Korriban, the starting world for players of the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor classes. Her position was also marked on a map along with other vendors in Prima's guide to the Old Republic.



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