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"You are ordered to return to the Kathol Outback region and locate the New Republic ship FarStar. Intelligence indicates that the FarStar means to pursue our fleet into the Void. This is according to my design. You are ordered to slow the enemy's progress through the Kathol Outback. This will provide ample time for the bulk of my fleet to complete preparations for the FarStar's eventual reception—and that of the New Republic regional fleet."
―Extract from Kentor Sarne's mission orders to Captain Rolf Treidum[1]

The Lialic II was a Corellian Engineering Corporation CR90 corvette in service to the Galactic Empire. Assigned to the Kathol Sector Imperial Fleet, the Lialic II was commanded by Captain Rolf Treidum. In 4 ABY, following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, the Kathol sector's Moff, Kentor Sarne, withdrew his sector from the Empire. The Lialic II ended its service to the Empire and became part of Sarne's forces. In 8 ABY, the New Republic liberated the Kathol sector capital of Kal'Shebbol, forcing Sarne to flee into the Kathol Outback. The Lialic II was part of the fleet of ships that accompanied Sarne on his retreat. After learning that the New Republic had tasked the corvette FarStar to hunt him down, Sarne ordered Treidum to take the Lialic II on detached duty to slow their progress. Rechristening the ship as the Lance of Endor, Treidum posed as a New Republic vessel and intimidated worlds throughout the Outback, turning public opinion against the New Republic and denying the FarStar potential allies.

During the course of its mission, Treidum used the Lialic II to turn the Kathol Republic against the FarStar, destroying and damaging several of the Republic's naval vessels and leaving the New Republic corvette to face the blame for the Imperial ship's actions. After several months, the Lialic II engaged the FarStar in direct combat during a battle over the planet Danoor. Despite being supported by an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Lialic II was destroyed during the battle when it was rammed by an Aing-Tii Sanhedrim ship, which had responded to a call for help from the FarStar's allies, the Danoor Resistance.


The Lialic II was a Corellian Engineering Corporation CR90 corvette. It measured 150 meters from bow to stern and had a Class 2 hyperdrive engine, with a Class 10 backup. For armament, the Lialic II mounted six double turbolaser cannons for offensive and defensive actions. A crew of eighty-five manned the Lialic II, but the vessel could have been operated by sixty-five. The ship was also able to accommodate ninety passengers. Equipped with enough supplies to operate for a year without resupply, the Lialic II had a cargo capacity of 2,500 metric ton.[1] The ship also had a Gamma-class assault shuttle assigned to it.[2]


Empires and Warlords[]

Rolf Treidum, commander of the Lialic II

The Lialic II was one of many CR90 corvettes in service to the Imperial Navy and was assigned to the Kathol Sector Imperial Fleet. Following the death of Emperor Palpatine during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Moff Kentor Sarne, ruler of the Kathol sector, quietly withdrew his sector from the Empire and set himself up as a warlord. At that point, the Lialic II became part of the Moff's personal military forces and was under the command of Captain Rolf Treidum.[1]

By 8 ABY, the Lialic II was equipped with old and outdated equipment and was scheduled to be refitted at a secret hangar in the Sorbiss Valley on the planet Kal'Shebbol. Work was due to begin on the vessel several months after work on converting another CR90 corvette, the Renegade, into a long-range exploration vessel and starfighter carrier was completed. The New Republic launched a campaign against Sarne, however, and liberated Kal'Shebbol from his rule. Instead of being refitted, the Lialic II escaped into the depths of the Kathol sector alongside the rest of Sarne's forces. The Renegade was subsequently captured by the New Republic, renamed as the FarStar, and sent on a mission to track down Sarne and neutralize the threat he posed.[1]

Playing felinx and rodus[]

As Sarne's forces retreated from Kal'Shebbol, they traveled through the backwater Kathol Outback and beyond into the Kathol Rift, an area of space filled with dense nebulae and dangerous lightstorms. When Sarne learned that the FarStar was about to cross the Marcol Void—an area of empty space thirty light-years across—the Moff issued orders to Treidum to detach from the fleet and return to the Outback. Treidum's orders were to delay the progression of the FarStar through the Outback but not to stop them. Sarne intended for the FarStar to eventually catch up with him but planned to deal with them on a battlefield of his choosing. He needed time to prepare, however, and tasked Treidum and the Lialic II with holding them at bay. Treidum was also to deny the FarStar—and, by extension, the New Republic—any potential allies in the region. To achieve this, Treidum gave the Lialic II the alias Lance of Endor and posed as an emissary of the New Republic. Visiting several neutral planets in the Outback, he made outrageous demands in the name of the New Republic. When the planets refused to reply to the demands, Treidum used the weaponry of the Lialic II against the worlds in a show of force. This served to turn planets in the Outback against the FarStar in particular and the New Republic in general.[1]

Baiting the FarStar[]

"… will be pleased, Captain Treidum, with the results. I suspect your idea of … shall yield us handsome dividends. Pray continue to encourage the belief that … will be joining you in the Episol system shortly to observe your handiwork first-hand as planned."
―Kentor Sarne, in a transmission to Rolf Treidum designed to be intercepted by the FarStar[3]

Sarne ordered the Lialic II to the Kathol Republic, a small collection of planets that had allied with one another for mutual trade and defense purposes. He intended for Treidum to use the Kathol Republic Navy to cause serious problems for the FarStar. To this end, Treidum took the corvette to the Republic's capital, Dayark, in the Episol system. In a message to the government of the Republic, Treidum demanded the annexation of all Kathol Republic worlds, a 50% tax on products and resources, the forced sterilization of all colonists, and the replacement of all elected officials with appointed New Republic representatives. Treidum subsequently intentionally broadcast his report on the matter to Sarne in a wide-beam transmission, luring the FarStar to the system, since he knew that the New Republic crew would not pass up an opportunity to learn more about Sarne's location or plans.[3]

The Bravado III, following its battle with the Lialic II

With the FarStar en route, the Lialic II returned to the Episol system. Treidum's previous demands were refused—as he had expected— and he then engaged two of the Republic's Marauder-class corvettes in battle. The brief skirmish resulted in the destruction of one corvette and severe damage to another, the Bravado III. The battle was cut short when the FarStar entered the system, forcing the Lialic II to retreat to preserve the ruse. As intended, the Kathol Republic believed the FarStar to be in league with the ship they knew as the Lance of Endor and moved to attack them. The FarStar surrendered rather than fight and subsequently had to prove that the Lialic II was not affiliated with the New Republic at all, which they achieved by showing the Senatorial Council the transmission from Treidum that they had intercepted, which had led them to the Episol system in the first place.[3]

Shortly after the Lialic II's actions at Episol, a Gamma-class assault shuttle assigned to the corvette was detached from the ship and ordered to rendezvous with agents of the Qektoth Confederation, a militant order of scientific idealists who believed in the superiority of organic technology. Sarne and the Confederation had entered into an agreement to trade bioweapons for ships and crews. The assault shuttle was later used by the Confederation as a testbed for a biochemical agent they were developing.[2]

Final mission[]

"Greetings. I am Captain Treidum of the New Republic vessel Lance of Endor. We've come from the Galactic Core to eradicate your people."
―Captain Rolf Treidum, posing as a New Republic emissary[4]

The Lialic II later visited the planet Danoor on the edge of the Kathol Rift, where Treidum made several outrageous demands of the population in the name of the New Republic. However, despite posing as an emissary of the New Republic, Treidum made his true allegiance known to Minister Waric Nane, whose political views paralleled Moff Sarne's. Nane was planning to take full control of Danoor and establish a hard-line despotic regime, and the two talked about a possible alliance between a Danoor ruled by a totalitarian government and Sarne's forces. Nane promised to consider the offer. As he left, Treidum gave Nane a device to allow him to contact the Lialic II. The captain requested that the minister contact him if the New Republic should ever arrive at Danoor and that the minister was to delay their departure until Treidum and the Lialic II could arrive.[4]

The Battle of Danoor

A week later, Treidum's device was activated. With the FarStar at Danoor, Treidum ordered the Lialic II back to the system, accompanied by an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Arriving in system, the Lialic II and the Star Destroyer attacked the FarStar. The New Republic ship was aided by starfighters from the Danoor Resistance—who were aware of Minister Nane's ambitions and were actively trying to stop him—and the space above Danoor was soon filled with light as the ships traded fire. In the middle of the fighting, the Star Destroyer used a weapon called a devastator torpedo to destroy a ten-kilometer area of the planet. The Danoor Resistance ships disengaged from the battle to assist their fellow citizens.[4]

However, the arrival of a Sanhedrim ship—crewed by the mysterious Aing-Tii species, who had answered a request for help from the Resistance—turned the tide of the battle in favor of the FarStar. The massive vessel headed straight for the Lialic II, ramming the ship. The corvette was destroyed with all hands. With the Lialic II destroyed, fighters from the FarStar's starfighter squadron managed to destroy the Star Destroyer by placing precise proton torpedo strikes on the launcher for the devastator torpedo. A chain reaction caused an explosion that engulfed the vessel, ending the battle.[4]

Commanders and crew[]

The Lialic II was commanded by Captain Rolf Treidum, a veteran officer in the Imperial Navy. Treidum had served with Moff Kentor Sarne during the early phase of their careers, and was transferred to the Kathol Sector Imperial Fleet when Sarne was appointed to rule the Kathol sector in 2 BBY. As commander of the Lialic II, Treidum reveled in his role to delay the FarStar's advance through the Kathol Outback. His son had been killed during the fighting at Endor four years previously, and the officer was grimly aware of the irony in giving his vessel an alias that was linked to the death of his child.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Lialic II was introduced in The Kathol Outback, the second RPG supplement for The DarkStryder Campaign, published by West End Games in 1996. The Lialic II is the antagonist vessel for the FarStar in several adventures, as its actions usually set in motion a series of events that the crew has to deal with to continue their mission to find Moff Sarne. However, the vessel is not encountered by the FarStar directly until the last adventure in the book, Galaxy's Edge.



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